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LOLA COLT (1967) El Diablo and his gang is terrorizing the town, Lola (played by Lola Falana) persuades the reluctant citizens to take up arms and take on El Diablo and his gang. Starring: Lola Falana

SLAVES (1969) A Kentucky slave fights for his freedom from cruel overseer whose mistress eventually joins Davis and the other slaves in their revolt. Starring: Dionne Warwick, Ossie Davis

CHANGE OF MIND (1969) To escape terminal cancer, the brain of a white district attorney is transplanted into a black man's body. David Rowe (played by Raymond St. Jacques) is the white district attorney who must now live life as a black man. David Rowe feels the stings of racial prejudice for the first time. David faces heat from the black community to convict the white sheriff who killed a black woman. Starring: Raymond St.Jacques, Clarice Taylor, Janet MacLachlan

BLACK JESUS (1970) The African leader of a popular revolutionary movement, works secretly to overthrow a colonial government only to receive the "kiss of death" from one of his most trusted followers.

IF HE HOLLERS LET HIM GO (1970) A wrongfully convicted Black man breaks out of prison to try and clear himself of raping and murdering a white woman. Starring: Raymond St.Jacques, Barbara McNair

THE BLACK BRIGADE (1970) Set during world war 2, an all-black brigade is picked to go on a suicide mission deep behind German lines. Starring: Richard Pryor, Billy Dee Williams, Rosie Grier, Glynn Turman, Moses Gunn, Robert Hooks

THE MCMASTERS (1970) When Benjie (played by Brock Peters) a black man who fought in the Civil War, returns to the southern town of Ironside, his return is not exactly a welcome one. The white citizens are already uptight about the color of his skin, but the fact that he fought for the Union Army and still wears his uniform is all that is needed for hatred and violence to be fanned. Starring: Brock Peters

THE BIG DOLL HOUSE (1971) Female inmates plot their escape from a corrupt prison. Starring: Pam Grier

GOODBYE UNCLE TOM (1971) Two documentary filmmakers go back in time to the pre-Civil War American South, to film the slave trade.

SPEEDING UP TIME (1971) An enraged son seeks vengeance on the arsonists who set fire to a tenement that resulted in his Mother's death.

THE SHERIFF (1971) A rape case opens racial divisions in a small town. A black sheriff (played by Ossie Davis) investigate allegations that a wealthy white businessman raped a black college student. Starring: Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee

THE BUS IS COMING (1971) A young black soldier returns home to Los Angeles from combat in Vietnam to find out that his brother had been killed by a gang of racist cops. Angered, he joins a black nationalist group to take his revenge.

A PLACE CALLED TODAY (1972) Racial tensions arise when a black lawyer runs for mayor of a racially divided town.

THE BIG BIRD CAGE (1972) Blossom (played by Pam Grier) is a mercenary who engineer a prison break from the outside.

MISS MELODY JONES (1972) The cautionary tale about a young black woman willing to do almost anything for fame and fortune. Unfortunately, it comes at a price.

BLACK GIRL (1972) An aspiring dancer and her wicked sister's resent their mother's love for a foster daughter. Starring: Brock Peters, Ruby Dee, Leslie Uggams

TOP OF THE HEAP (1972) A frustrated Black Washington DC cop decides to circumvent the ponderous court system, and starts meting out his own sick brand of violent punishment.

BAD BLACK and BEAUTIFUL (1972) Eva Taylor is the baddest black defense attorney in town! When an innocent man is framed for the murder of his boss, he hire Eva to get him off.

TO ALL MY FRIENDS ON SHORE (1972) An airport redcap works hard to get his family out of the ghetto, only to discover that his son has sickle-cell anemia. Starring: Bill Cosby

NIGHT OF THE STRANGLER (1972) In New Orleans, a Black man is murdered by a white supremacist group. Disguised as a catholic priest, his brother come from up north (New York City) to exact vengeance.

STIGMA (1972) Dr.Calvin Crosse (played by Philip Michael Thomas) is a Black doctor who returns to the all-white town he knows as home and Discovers a deadly disease threatening the citizens. He must fight prejudice and time if he is to save the town. Starring: Philip Michael Thomas

THE FINAL COMEDOWN (1972) When an underqualified white man is given the job that Johnny Johnson (played by Billy Dee Williams) is infinitely more qualified for, the young black man becomes involved in a violent, radical movement to rise up against the perpetrators of racism. Starring: Billy Dee Williams, Raymond St.Jacques, D'Urville Martin

VOYAGE OF THE YES (1972) Orlando Parker (played by Mike Evans) is in a heated argument with his uncle Pretty (played by Scoey Mitchell) during the argument Pretty is killed in a freak accident. Orlando is charged with killing Pretty, over the objection of his mother (played by Della Reese) Orlando goes on the run. Starring: Mike Evans, Della Reese, Scoey Mitchell

THE MAN (1972) When the President and Speaker of the House are killed in a building collapse, and the Vice-President declines the office due to age and ill-health, Senate President pro tempore Douglas Dilman (played by James Earl Jones) suddenly becomes the first Black President of the United States. The events from that day to the next election when he must decide if he will actually run challenge his skills as a politician and leader.

THE BAD BUNCH (1973) The story of a Watts street gang out for justice.

THE BLACK BUNCH (1973) Four black women are hired to find a wealthy man's son.

BLACK SNAKE (1973) Story of slaves rebellion. Massa will get a taste of his own medicine.

FOX STYLE (1973) They call him the Black Fox, he cleans the scene and makes his name in the money game.

THE BLACK ALLEY CATS (1973) A gang called the Black Alley Cats search out the street gang that attacked them. 

BOOK OF NUMBERS (1973) Two waiters in Depression-era Arkansas get involved in the numbers racket. Starring: Raymond St. Jacques, Philip Michael Thomas

BROTHER ON THE RUN (1973) An African-American educator sets out to find a young black man who has fallen to the wrong side of the law before the police catch up with him in this crime drama.

THE SPOOK WHO SAT BY THE DOOR (1973) A black man plays Uncle Tom in order to gain access to CIA training, then uses that knowledge to plot a new American Revolution. Starring: Lawrence Cook, Paula Kelly

CHARLEY ONE EYE (1973) Richard Roundtree plays a Black soldier in the union army, he is caught sleeping with the general’s wife, he goes A.W.O.L, and is hunted by a racist bounty hunter. Starring: Richard Roundtree

SAVAGE (1973) A black American mercenary is wanted by the Resistance for aiding in the killing their leader only to become their legendary leader and leading them against his former employers. Starring: James Iglehart

FIREHOUSE (1973) A Black rookie fireman (played by Richard Roundtree) is faced with the challenge of his life, being the first African American among an all-white squad filled with hostility and race rage. Starring: Richard Roundtree, Sheila E Frazier

ALABAMA’S GHOST (1973) A Black man Discovers a cave full of old magician's equipment and he uses it to become a national celebrity. It turns out that his magical equipment is more powerful than he thought. The movie takes on several bizarre twists involving a take over the world plot.

HIT (1973) Nick Allen (played by Billy Dee Williams) is a federal agent whose daughter dies of a heroin overdose, Allen is determined to destroy the drug ring that supplied her. To help him track down and destroy the ring, he recruits Mike Willmer (played by Richard Pryor) whose wife was killed by a stray bullet from a drug deal gone bad. Starring: Billy Dee Williams, Richard Pryor

THE ARENA (1974) Female gladiators fight to the death. Starring: Pam Grier 

THE BLACK CONNECTION (1974) These Dudes Got A Plan To Burn The Man! What's Wrong With The Black Man Winning For A Change!

JIVE TURKEY (1974) Set in 1956 Cleveland Ohio, the head of a lucrative numbers game is pursued by both the mob and the local police.

JOHNNY TOUGH (1974) With a constant lack of support or understanding from his parents, a young black boy rebels against the white establishment.

GET CHRISTIE LOVE (1974) LAPD detective Christie Love (played by Teresa Graves) goes undercover to break up a drug ring. Starring: Teresa Graves

THE ZEBRA KILLER (1974) A white serial killer disguised as a black man terrorizes the city, up to the baddest black homicide detective on the force to bring him down.

TOUGH GUYS (1974) Lee (played by Isaac Hayes) is a framed Chicago ex-cop who must clear his name and seek revenge for the loss of one of his friends. Starring: Isaac Hayes, Fred Williamson

IT'S GOOD TO BE ALIVE (1974) The story of former Brooklyn Dodger catcher Roy Campanella, whose career was cut short when he lost the use of his legs in an auto accident in January of 1958. Starring: Paul Winfield, Louis Gossett Jr, Ruby Dee

EMMA MAE (1974) A young Black lady from Mississippi moves in with her relatives in a Los Angeles ghetto. At first she is made fun of, but eventually she is accepted and plots to rob a bank to raise bail money for her new boyfriend, who is a jailed drug dealer.

THE BLACK SIX (1974) A black high school student is caught dating a white girl by the girl's brother. He and his biker gang beat the boy to death. The boy's brother, who is a member of a black biker gang, hears about it and comes to town to avenge his brother's death.

TNT JACKSON (1974) Her name is Diana Jackson, but you can call her TNT Jackson! When TNT Jackson's brother is killed by ruthless drug dealers, the beautiful young karate expert goes to the most dangerous part of Chinatown to find the killers. Starring: Jeannie Bell, Stan Shaw

BLACK HOOKER (1974) The story of the conflicted family of a young African American woman who is making her living as a prostitute. She lives with her father who is a preacher, her light-skinned son who can pass for white, and her mother who attempts to be the peacemaker of the family.

THE BEAST MUST DIE (1974) When wealthy businessman Tom Newcliffe summons a group of guests to his mansion for the weekend, the group is shocked to learn that one of its members is a werewolf and Newcliffe won't let them leave until they kill it. Starring: Calvin Lockhart, Marlene Clark

THE BLACK GODFATHER (1974) JJ a rising star in the black crime scene, is in the process of consolidating his power over the neighborhood. One of the only remaining obstacles is the white heroin cartel that is understandably reluctant to abandon such a lucrative market. Tensions rise between the two rivals, and people on both sides get killed. Eventually, the matter is destined to come to an explosive confrontation. Starring: Rod Perry

THE KLANSMAN (1974) In a small southern town a young white woman has been violently raped by a white man, but the white town residents immediately declare that the attacker had to be Black, and place the blame on Garth (played by OJ Simpson), a young black man. Assuming that the men in white sheets aren't intent on holding a fair and impartial trial, Garth takes to the woods as the Klansmen lynching party hunts him down, and the battle for survival begins. Starring: OJ Simpson, Lola Falana

BLACK FORCE (1975) Four Black karate experts are hired to retrieve a stolen African witch doctor doll.

LORD SHANGO (1975) A tribal priest returns from the dead to take his revenge on non-believers. Starring: Marlene Clark,Lawrence Cook

SOUL VENGEANCE (1975) An innocent Black man does time in prison where he is subjected to heinous experiments. Once released, he goes about extracting vengeance on those who set him up.

LADY COCOA (1975) Cocoa (played by Lola Falana) is framed by her gangster boyfriend, she is released from jail and out to take down her ex-boyfriend. Starring: Lola Falana, Mean Joe Greene

BLACK VENGEANUCE (1975) A wrong turn on a Black jazz singer's road trip results in her car breaking down in an all white town, she is kidnapped,raped and tortured. She escapes and get revenge. Starring: Leslie Uggams

DARKTOWN STRUTTERS (1975) A tough biker gang comprised of African-American women heads off to find a member's mother and her abductor. A series of wild complications follow. Starring: Trina Parks, Edna Richardson, Shirley Washington, Roger E.Mosley, Stan Shaw

THE BLACK GESTAPO (1975) General Ahmed has started an inner-city People's Army to try and relieve the misery of the citizens of Watts. When the locals are put under increasing pressure by Mafia thugs, Ahmed's second-in-command Colonel Kojah asks for permission to start a protection squad to take more direct action. Ahmed fears this protection squad will just turn into a vigilante mob, and his prediction soon proves correct. Will Ahmed be able to wrest control back from the power-mad Kojah, or will he be the mob's next victim? Starring: Rod Perry, Charles Robinson

BLACK FIST (1975) Leroy Fisk (played by Richard Lawson) a street fighter for the mafia, is tired of living a life of crime. But Fisk's former employer controls the city and with the help of a crooked cop on the take, he isn't about to let Leroy retire in peace. After being paid for his last fight, Leroy buys a nightclub and settles into life as a respectable businesman. But things soon take a turn for the worse when leroy's car is bombed killing his wife and brother-in-law. There's no question as to who is responsible and Leroy quickly sets out to exact his revenge. Starring: Richard Lawson, Philip Michael Thomas, John Wesley

EBONY, IVORY and JADE (1976) A gang of thugs kidnaps female track stars, To get away, the trio are going to have to use all their fighting skills.

BLACK HEAT (1976) Kicks Carter, a streetwise Las Vegs Black cop, is out to shut down an upscale hotel that is actually a front for a host of illegal activities.

BROTHERHOOD OF DEATH (1976) Fresh out of Vietnam a group of black Vietnam vets return home only to find their southern home town torn by racial strife. Tired of the injustice, the brotherhood takes action and go up against the Ku Klux Klan.

JOSHUA (1976) A black soldier returns from fighting for the Union in the Civil War only to find out that his mother has been murdered by a gang of white thugs. He becomes a bounty hunter, determined to track down and kill the men who killed his mother. Starring: Fred Williamson

PIPE DREAMS (1976) Pipe Dreams is a film starring soul singer Gladys Knight in her acting debut as a woman who attempts to regain the love of her husband played by real-life spouse Barry Hankerson. Her husband must choose between reuniting with her or giving in to pressure of the local mob boss.

VELVET SMOOTH (1976) Johnnie Hill plays Velvet Smooth in this action crime meller. Velvet Smooth is head of a private detective agency, specializing in protecting the unprotectable. Her current client is in deep with a murderous numbers racket. So Velvet Smooth goes undercover to smash the ring. Starring: Johnnie Hill

DEATH JOURNEY (1976) Fearful that their star witness might be murdered, two attorneys hire a protector name Jesse Crowder (played by Fred Williamson) to bring him from Los Angeles to New York. At every turn, Crowder and the witness face a variety of attacks, including gunfire and knife-wielding villains. Starring: Fred Williamson

DR BLACK and MR HYDE (1976) An African-American scientist develops a formula to regenerate dying liver cells, but it has the unfortunate after-effect of turning him into an albino vampire with a mania for killing prostitutes. A tough police lieutenant investigating the murders discovers the existence of the dual-personality killer, and determines to bring him in.

MEAN JOHNNY BARROWS (1976) Johnny Barrows (played by Fred Williamson) is unjustly thrown out of the Army, he returns home and winds up being a gas station attendant. Because of his military training, a mobster wants to hire him as a hit man. He agrees, now he is caught in the middle of a rival gang war between two families with disastrous results. Starring: Fred Williamson

ADIOS AMIGO (1976) Richard Pryor and Fred Williamson take on the Wild West with nothing but charm and a hysterical sense of adventure in this tale of con or be conned! Riding the Old West’s comedy range, making off with bags of cash and charming the bloomers off the local ladies the two make off like bandits in this crazy slapstick Western! Starring: Richard Pryor, Fred Williamson

LEADBELLY (1976) The life of Blues and Folk singer Huddie Leadbetter, nicknamed Leadbelly is recounted. Covering the good times and bad from his 20s to 40s. Much of that time was spent on chain gangs in the south. Even in prison he became well known for the songs he had composed and sung during and before the time he spent there. Starring: Roger E.Mosley, Albert Hall, Madge Sinclair, Lynn Hamilton

NO WAY BACK (1976) Fred Williamson and Don Cornelius stars in No Way Back. Crowder (played by Fred Williamson) is a man who will do anything, if the price is right. He is a private detective with a past in the police force. A woman comes to his office one day and asks if he will find her husband. He takes the mission, but soon he and his streetwise pal gets into a lot of trouble with some gangsters. Co-starring Don Cornelius, making his acting debut Cornelius plays a streetwise hustler. Fans of Soul Train will get a chance to see a different side the Legendary 'Soul Train' Creator Don Cornelius.

THE RIVER NIGER (1976) Johnny Williams (played by James Earl Jones) is a house painter who moonlights as a poet, struggling to financially and emotionally support his cancer-ridden wife Mattie (played by Cicely Tyson). But times are tough and the poverty-troubled streets are even tougher, and it takes every ounce of Johnny's love and courage for the couple to make it through their strife, finding redemption in the River Niger. Starring: James Earl Jones, Cicely Tyson, Louis Gossett Jr, Glynn Turman

JUST AN OLD SWEET SONG (1976) A black family from Detroit takes a two-week vacation in the South. The trip changes their lives. Starring: Cicely Tyson, Robert Hooks, Kevin Hooks, Beah Richards

ONE IN A MILLION: THE RON LEFLORE STORY (1977) True story of Ron LeFlore, a troubled Detroit youth who rose from Michigan prisons to star in Major League Baseball. Starring: LeVar Burton

ABAR (1977) Upon moving into a bigoted neighborhood, the scientist father of a persecuted black family gives a superpower elixir to a tough bodyguard, who thus becomes a superpowered crimefighter.

THE BARON (1977) Black actor tries to make his own movie with an all-black cast, but to make it he's forced to borrow money from the Mafia. Complications ensue. Starring: Calvin Lockhart, Raymond St.Jacques, Beverly Johnson

MISTER DEATHMAN (1977) Geoffrey Graves (The Black James Bond) is a suave secret agent who's sent to South Africa to recover a kidnapped aerospace engineer before he can reveal the secrets of the government's experimental "solar shuttle".

MR MEAN (1977) Death has a new name...Mr. Mean. The Mafia wants the best. Someone who enjoys his work. A man with a bad reputation. Someone who can stop the bloodbath before it gets started. They just found him. Fred Williamson stars as Mr. Mean, a ruthless mercenary who loves only one thing better than life itself - DEATH

GHETTO CHILD (1977) A young ghetto kid despairs of ever getting out of that environment and making something of himself, until one day he gets a job as an assistant in a veterinarian's office, and working with all the animals begins to affect his outlook on life. Starring: LeVar Burton, Ossie Davis, Roxie Roker, TK Carter

THE GUY FROM HARLEM (1977) Tough streetwise private investigator Al Connors, who works in Florida but originally hails from Harlem, is hired by the CIA to guard a visiting African princess. Moreover, Connors uses all his sharp street smarts and fierce fighting skills to find another woman who's been abducted by the evil Big Daddy.

DELIVER US FROM EVIL (1977) Violent and dramatic events dog the life of hot headed rebel Chris Townes. Drifting from one menial job to another, where he finds resentment and eventually arrest, he finaly loses his apartment and leaves in a rage. Chris meets Mindy and saves her from the hands of a violent gang. To thank him she introduces him to a happier way of life. Then suddenly, this new world is shattered by the most horrific event in Chris's turbulent life.

THE GREATEST THING THAT ALMOST HAPPENED (1977) A taut, emotional drama, set during the Christmas season of 1952. When young and promising basketball player Morris Bird played by Jimmie Walker discovers that he has leukaemia prior to a major tournament, he must battle to maintain his winning spirit. This is made much harder by his unsupportive, and often selfish, widowed father played by James Earl Jones, whose constant wallowing in self-pity blinds him to his son's emotional needs. Starring: James Earl Jones, Jimmie Walker, Debbie Allen

BLACK SAMURAI (1977) Robert Sand (played by Jim Kelly) is an agent of D-R-A-G-O-N the Defense Reserve Agency Guardian Of Nations. When the daughter of a royal family is kidnapped by a drug dealing voodoo worshipping ring that sells women into slavery. Sand is assigned to find the daughter, initially refusing the assignment, Sand is told that his own girlfriend has been kidnapped by the cult, with her life on the line, Sand immediately springs into action, staging a one-man assault against the cult leader and every last one of his minions. Starring: Jim Kelly

GREEN EYES (1977) Green Eyes is a movie starring Paul Winfield. Disabled Vietnam War vet Lloyd Dubeck can't find work after returning home. With nothing for him in the States. he returns to Saigon in search of his Vietnamese mistress, and half breed child they had together. He searches the streets and orphanages, with no clue to there whereabouts, other then that his child has green eyes. Along his journey, he be friends a young orphaned street hustler named Trung, who unintentionally guides Lloyd down a road of self discovery and redemption for America's part in the war that contributed to the devastation and poverty now befallen Saigon, forcing Lloyd to finally confront his personal demons, including the final outcome of where fate brought his mistress and child after abandoning them years back. Starring: Paul Winfield

BLACK TRASH (1978) A Black reporter fights and takes on the underworld.

BLACK JACK (1978) In Las Vegas, a group of Black friends plan to rob the mob controlled casinos and get a little revenge in the process.

HE WHO WALKS ALONE (1978) A Black civil rights worker (played by Louis Gossett Jr) returns to his small Southern hometown and runs for sheriff against the incumbent, a popular segregationist.

DEATH DIMENSION (1978) A mad scientist has a plan to eradicate some people with a freeze bomb that instantly freezes people to death. It is up to LAPD Detective J.Ash (played by Jim Kelly) to stop him.

ROLL OF THUNDER HEAR MY CRY (1978) Set in 1933 Mississippi, the story focuses on the Logans, a closely knit, fiercely independent African-American family battling racism in depression-era Mississippi. Starring: Morgan Freeman, Janet MacLachlan

BLIND RAGE (1978) Fred Williamson and D'Urville Martin stars in Blind Rage. Five friends get together and decide to plan an operation to rob a bank. The main difference between this and other bank-robbing gangs, however, is that all five men are blind.

DEATH DRUG (1978) A young man in Los Angeles dreams of striking it big as a singer in the music business. One day he gets signed to a big record contract, but along with the fame and money he develops an addiction to the drug PCP. Starring: Philip Michael Thomas

THE INGLORIOUS BASTARDS (1978) Set in Europe during World War 2, former American soldiers, must sneak into the most heavily guarded base in German territory, steal the Nazi's most precious military hardware, and bring it back to the allies. Starring: Fred Williamson

SUPER SOUL BROTHER (1978) Wildman Steve plays a bum who agrees to allow an experimental drug to be administered to him. What he doesn't realize is that the doctor who's doing the experiment is a criminal, trying to create an unstoppable thief that's immune to bullets.

CINDY (1978) This version of the Cinderella tale with an all-black cast has Cinderella, who wants to marry a dashing army officer, finding out out that her father, who she thought had an important job at a big hotel, is actually the men's room attendant. Her wicked stepmother finds out, too, and complications ensue. Starring: Clifton Davis, Nell Carter, Charlayne Woodard

FIGHTING MAD (1978) Before shipping home from Vietnam, Doug Russell, an American soldier who steals a shipment of gold with his two Vietnam War buddies Marelli and Maghee, but Doug Russell is betrayed by his two buddies, they cut his throat and throw him in the ocean. Marelli and Maghee, use their loot and viciousness to muscle their way into Los Angeles under world. Mean while Doug washes ashore an island inhabited by two Japanese soldiers stranded there since World War II. They nurse him back to health and he is taught martial arts. Doug returns to Los Angeles searching for Marelli and Maghee, he learns that Marelli and Maghee are the top men in town and he begins slaughtering their cohorts, working his way up the hoodlum food chain. Starring: Leon Isaac Kennedy,Jayne Kennedy,James Iglehart

TOP SECRET (1978) A veteran American espionage agent (played by Bill Cosby) is sent with a new partner to Italy, in order to track down 100 pounds of missing plutonium before it can be obtained by terroriStarring: Bill Cosby, Tracy Reedsts. 

DUMMY (1979) Dummy stars Levar Burton as Lang who is accused of murdering a prostitute. Deaf and unable to communicate with the world, Lang is found incompetent to stand trial and his lawyer Lowell Myers (Paul Sorvino) fights to get him freed from the mental health system. Starring: Levar Burton

FREEDOM ROAD (1979) Muhammad Ali plays ex-slave Gideon Jackson, a former Union soldier who returns to his home in South Carolina following the American Civil War and ultimately becomes a United States senator. Initially representing black ex-slaves at the state's constitutional convention, Jackson is elected to the state legislature and eventually to the United States Senate despite opposition from white landowners, law enforcement, and the Ku Klux Klan. Starring: Muhammad Ali, Ossie Davis, Ron O'Neal, Alfre Woodard

I KNOW WHY THE CAGED BIRD SINGS (1979) A true story based on the early life of actress, professor and author Maya Angelou. The story traces her life from when she and her brother move in with her mother to the trauma of being raped as a little girl by one of her mother's boyfriends and the several years of silence that came after the attack. 
Starring: Diahann Carroll, Ruby Dee, Esther Rolle, Roger E. Mosley

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