This is our HEAVY DUTY PLASTIC WHELPING BOX.  Its 100% waterproof plastic with a FLOOR, in addition to features standard on all our boxes like, Removable Safety Rails and Removable Door Entry. This is the most durable plastic box in the world.  It has a 10 year guarantee but will likely last until the sun burns out.  We created this box because the other plastic boxes out there are unsafe and very flimsy.  This box is thick black HIGH DESITY HDPE plastic and solid white VINYL, held together with STEEL BOLTS.  Other boxes with sheet vinyl walls, corrugated plastic or hdpe plastic held together only with friction slots are inferior.  This was designed and tested by experienced breeders and vets to ensure proper safety and reliability.   Includes FREE SHIPPING!  Read our feedbacks!  Everyone loves our boxes!   They are simple, affordable and by far the most durable out there.  Our boxes go to high end breeders like the US GOV and DISNEY, as well as thousands of breeders, rescues and vets in all 50 states and 14 countries.  Our whelping boxes have even been used in a major network tv show! They are repeatedly purchased by famous actors and professional athletes along with people from all walks of life. We have sold more whelping boxes than any other company in the history of whelping boxes and its not even close.

Package includes:

 Large 48" x 48" x 16" Whelping Box


 Basic plastic liner with velcro

Good for Medium/LARGE breeds. Labradors,Goldens,Shepherds, ect..

(All other sizes available)

This box meets all AKC suggestions for safe and successful whelping, in addition to helpful features not found on others.  This design has a removable front door hole and totally removable, unobstructed SAFETY/PIG RAILS!  Thats the #1 factor when choosing a whelping box.  If the rails have little supports holding them up in the corners or they are permanently fixed to the box or not strong enough, they are just as dangerous as not having them at all. Our boxes have a specialized design thats guaranteed to protect your puppies.  We guarantee all parts top to bottom for 10 years.  The floor is segmented for ease of assembly and storage. NO TOOLS needed for assembly of the walls/rails and the floor requires just a screwdriver to attach.  Goes together in minutes, and easily packs down for storage between uses.  

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Lower 48 US states only.

Insurance included

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