• Recently regular shipping to many more countries opened at basic shipping fee (without additional shipping fee)

And for few countries which is not still regular shipping unavailable, We will contact you to ask whether you want a refund or want to keep the order with additional shipping fee after purchase is made. We follow buyer's decision. So don't worry.

We do combined shipping.

The total shipping fee is is the same no matter how many cards you purchase unless it's not a big size item. So 1 card or 10 cards are the same shipping fee.
You can send me a total payment request or if you can't due to the promotion sale of the listing, message me after you purchase them in 1 order. Then I will refund the extra shipping fee which is over $6. 

Note : For some countries, the shipping fee can be more. We will contact after the purchase. You can decide whether you want to keep the order or want a refund. We follow the buyers' decision.
For countries which standard airmail is NOT available. Expedited mail is possible. (EMS costs $20-37). We will give you info.