Up for sale is one Citrix SDX 11500 

- Running Xenserver 6.1/NS 10.5

- It has 10 NSVPX 10.5 Platium Edition Instances, 8Gb throughput.

Note: Citrix SDX platform are sold by Citrix as bundle instances (These instances are essentially individual NetScaler virtual appliancesto VPX)

Fully tested with 12 months warranty.
Firmware has been upgraded to mitigate CTX276688 vulnerabilities.

ssh nsroot@

                       Cluster: true

     Maximum Throughput (Mbps): 8000

   Available Throughput (Mbps): 8000

                      Platform: 11500

             Maximum Instances: 10

           Available Instances: 10

Condition: Refurbished, came direct from working environment

Warranty: 12 months

We have extensive range of Citrix, F5 Networks and Radware load balancers (ADC).

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Radware DefensePro 12412

Citrix SDX 11500 10 instances

Citrix MPX 21500 Platinum

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Citrix MPX 17500 Platinum

Citrix MPX 11500 Platinum

Citrix MPX 10500 Platinum

Citrix MPX 8200 Enterprise

Citrix MPX 7500 Enterprise

Citrix MPX 5500 Enterprise

F5 Viprion 4480 320Gb, 4xB4300 LTM, vCMP, Extreme, DNS/GTM V15.1

F5 Viprion 4480 160Gb, 2xB4300, LTM,vCMP, Extreme, DNS/GTM V15.1 

F5 Viprion 4480 320Gb 4xB4300 LTM,vCMP, SSL V15.1

F5 Viprion 4480 160Gb 2xB4300 LTM,vCMP, SSL V15.1

F5 Viprion 2400 320Gb 4xB2250 LTM,HSM,vCMP, Best bundle V15.1

F5 Viprion 2400 160Gb 4xB2100 LTM, vCMP, Best Bundle V13.1

F5 Viprion 2400 160Gb 4xB2100 LTM, ASM,GTM, vCMP, Best Bundle  V13.1

F5 Viprion 2400 80Gb 2xB2100 LTM Best Bundle V12.0

F5 Viprion 2400 40Gb B2150 LTM, vCMP, Best Bundle v15.1

F5 Viprion 2400 40Gb B2150 LTM, vCMP, ASM v15.1

F5 BIG-IP 5050S Better Bundle 13.1

F5 BIG-IP 8950 LTM v11.1

F5 BIG-IP 8900 LTM,ASM V11.4

F5 BIG-IP 6900 LTM,ASM V12.1

F5 BIG-IP 6400 LTM, V11.0

F5 BIG-IP 4000 LTM, V16.1

F5 BIG-IP 3600 LTM V13.1

F5 BIG-IP 2200S LTM V12.                   



Conditions of sales:

We are selling hardware only, we do not sell licenses/software. 

In all major Networking & Telecommunication companies that includes Citrix, Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Juniper, HP. 

 - Software and Licenses are remained their properties.

 - Software and licenses ownership are not transferable. 

 - Buyer won't able to purchase subscriptions/additional license features. -

 - Buyer won't able get supports (eg TAC) and software updates, security patches, bug fixes

International Shipping: UPS/FedEX. 

All custom duties, import taxes, brokerage fee are sole buyer's responsibilities. 

Warranty/Return Policy:

Refund accepted for full money back or store credit if goods are not as described or faulty.

Buyers to pay for the return postage.

Returned item's serial number must match the serial number printed on the original invoice/receipt.

No refund accepted if the buyer simply changes their mind. Please choose carefully before decide to purchase the item.

Legal disclaimer: 

Items sold on our Ebay Store are for hardware only. 
No software/license are sold on our Ebay Store.
Any mention of software/licenses are purely intended for information only,
it do not implied in any way that we are selling them..
Embedded Software/License in the Appliances are remained property of the Manufacturer/Vendor.
12 Months Warranty are for hardware only.