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Radial Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor 10V 16V 25V 35V 50V 63V 100V ±20% 105°C

Product Details
High temperature electrolytic capacitors with a low impedance and 20% tolerance, offering a high endurance solution.

  • Range of capacitances available
  • Voltage: 10V-100V
  • Radial lead type
  • Low ESR
  • High reliability
  • Compact size
  • High ripple current
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +105°C

  • Capacitance Voltage Ripple Current Pitch Length Diameter
    100uF 10V 180mA 2.0mm 11mm 5mm
    220uF 10V 110mA 2.0mm 11mm 5mm
    470uF 10V 120mA 2.5mm 12mm 6.3mm
    1000uF 10V 400mA 3.5mm 14mm 8mm
    10uF 16V 20mA 2.0mm 11mm 5mm
    22uF 16V 30mA 2.0mm 11mm 5mm
    47uF 16V 50mA 2.0mm 11mm 5mm
    100uF 16V 70mA 2.0mm 11mm 5mm
    220uF 16V 95mA 2.5mm 11mm 6.3mm
    470uF 16V 210mA 3.5mm 12mm 8mm
    1000uF 16V 440mA 5.0mm 17mm 10mm
    2200uF 16V 600mA 5.0mm 20mm 10mm
    4700uF 16V 1050mA 7.5mm 25mm 16mm
    10uF 25V 25mA 2.0mm 11mm 5mm
    22uF 25V 35mA 2.0mm 11mm 5mm
    33uF 25V 40mA 2.0mm 11mm 5mm
    47uF 25V 50mA 2.0mm 11mm 5mm
    100uF 25V 90mA 2.5mm 11mm 6.3mm
    220uF 25V 150mA 3.5mm 12mm 8mm
    330uF 25V 170mA 3.5mm 12mm 8mm
    470uF 25V 190mA 3.5mm 16mm 8mm
    1000uF 25V 500mA 5.0mm 21mm 10mm
    2200uF 25V 800mA 5.0mm 26mm 13mm
    3300uF 25V 1000mA 7.5mm 25mm 16mm
    4700uF 25V 1400mA 7.5mm 35mm 16mm
    10uF 35V 25mA 2.0mm 11mm 5mm
    22uF 35V 35mA 2.0mm 11mm 5mm
    33uF 35V 50mA 2.0mm 11mm 5mm
    47uF 35V 65mA 2.5mm 11mm 6.3mm
    100uF 35V 102mA 2.5mm 12mm 6.3mm
    220uF 35V 180mA 3.5mm 12mm 8mm
    470uF 35V 310mA 5.0mm 17mm 10mm
    1000uF 35V 580mA 5.0mm 20mm 13mm
    2200uF 35V 937mA 7.5mm 25mm 16mm
    3300uF 35V 1080mA 7.5mm 30mm 16mm
    4700uF 35V 1540mA 7.5mm 40mm 18mm
    1uF 63V 9mA 2.0mm 11mm 5mm
    2.2uF 63V 11mA 2.0mm 11mm 5mm
    3.3uF 63V 15mA 2.0mm 11mm 5mm
    4.7uF 63V 20mA 2.0mm 11mm 5mm
    10uF 63V 25mA 2.0mm 11mm 5mm
    22uF 63V 50mA 2.5mm 11mm 6.3mm
    33uF 63V 60mA 2.5mm 11mm 6.3mm
    47uF 63V 90mA 2.5mm 12mm 6.3mm
    100uF 63V 150mA 5.0mm 12mm 10mm
    220uF 63V 270mA 5.0mm 17mm 10mm
    330uF 63V 380mA 5.0mm 20mm 13mm
    470uF 63V 500mA 5.0mm 26mm 13mm
    1000uF 63V 900mA 7.5mm 30mm 16mm
    1uF 100V 9mA 2.0mm 11mm 5mm
    2.2uF 100V 15mA 2.0mm 11mm 5mm
    4.7uF 100V 20mA 2.0mm 11mm 5mm
    10uF 100V 35mA 2.5mm 12mm 6.3mm
    47uF 100V 120mA 5.0mm 12.5mm 10mm
    100uF 100V 220mA 5.0mm 20mm 10mm
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