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  you can feel the incredible erotic sensation while having intercourse with your beloved partner until you get an exhaustive orgasm. Thus, this toy can add up a new excitement and feeling in your sexual life.

What is the feeling of electric shock?what is the vibration of the heart? the emotion, the electric shock device, the real touch, let you review the touch of love at first sight.

Smooth, body safe plastic glides against skin as dual (bi-polar) conductive probe creates a stimulating pattern of current that teases and tingles from inside your body. Use water based lube on probe and loops for best results

The double electrode integrated design can be conductive with single stick insertion. Easy to use, more direct sense of the current. Can be used in the vagina and anus.

 Item acts on the sensitive areas of the body with a weak current, and experiences the real feeling of geting an electric shock. It can promote the excitement and pleasure of the body. Can relieve tension and reduce mental pressure. None of the feelings the world has ever tried comes from the nerve endpoint. 

 Promote muscle activity, increase blood circulation, and have a good effect on people with low sensitivity. Simulation creates completely natural hemp crisp and pleasant sensation. 

create a hemp crisp and pleasant sensation feeling. Can be like the slightest drizzle, gurgling water; can also vibration, vibration, so that you excited. Sometimes stoned, sometimes half alive. You don't know whether it's in heaven or hell.

We will test one by one before send.

The product need full touch skin, if you just use finger test it, contact one point, you will feeling the point is strong, please try hold it full, it's safe.

 *About The Beginners Power box 

Function: massage, flirting toys for couples,SM game tools

Come without battery.

*How to use:

1. Installation 2pcs AAA battery then turn on the host-"Power" button, (keep press 3s, the red light)

2. Connection the accessory.

3. Choose function.

4. Adjust the strength.

5. Enjoy it.

 *There has 4 function for choose:

1. Pulse

2. Numb

3. Absorb

4. Auto

Different function, different feeling.

 *The red light means power, when it on, the red light will lingh always.

Function Pulse and Auto the green light flicker more fast, when function Numb and Absorb flicker more slowly.

*About The Advance power box

Come with USB charge line,without battery.

There are 8 modes and 15 intensity options.

 Massage time can be Adjustable!

1 . Press ( on / off ) to tum on the power  
2 . According to your requirement , choose different function mode to press ( mode ) key , there are acupuncture , massage  hammering , scraping and so on , there are 8 different functions  
3 . After selecting the function ( mode ) , press ( enhance ) the key to select the appropriate strength of strength . ( use enhanced  keys or reduced keys to choose the strength of your comfort .  
4 . Press ( Chinese / English ) key to switch the LCD display anguage  
5 , Use time : the default time is 15 minutes and the time will stop automatically ( press the " time button , setting the timer  for 5 , 10 . 15 minutes ) , and not for more than 30 minutes at a time  
When you need to stop using , press on / off to close the machine

 *About The Remote  Power box 


Voltage : 3v 

Battery type : AAA * 4 batteries 

Output Power : MAX30-100V/10-80uA

The average current of working current: 50mA

 Use method:  

1.Remote control and Host : Open the battery cover . Load the battery according to the two ends of the battery slot .

 Prepare parts : Connect the accessories to the host port . The remote control is equipped with a hanging rope , The remote control is equipped with a hanging rope , which can be hung on the belt and belt of the waist 

2.Because the power have a strong electroshock feeling , if it is the first time to use the electroshock medical toys ,please turn to the minimum frequency when you open the  power takes the parts close the human body. if you choose a strong power ,you may feel pain.

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