Portable Pocket Size Handheld Bud Bomb Bat Smoking Pipe UK High Quality All Herb

Bud Bomb Pipe

The Bud Bomb pipe from bud bomb is a compact and durable dry herb pipe. This portable and virtually indestructible pipe is more than able to take the rigorous of day to day use, and is perfect for smoking on the go or in the comfort of your own home.

Bud Bomb Pipe Features

  • Portable
  • Detachable Pieces
  • Easy To Clean
  • Available in Varying Finishes (See Dropdown)

Detachable Pieces

The Bud Bomb pipe breaks down into four basic pieces. A mouthpiece, a revolutionary internal cooling helix, main chamber, and bowl. As you intake smoke from this handy Pipe, your smoke cools through its journey in the airtight corridor. Try freezing your  pipe before use for added smoothness.

Easy To Clean

If your little Bud Bomb Pipe gets dirty, simply detach the pipe pieces easily and rinse with water. Then you are done and ready to use the pipe again and again. If you want to be a little more through with cleaning the pipe then you can bath the pipe components in cleaning solution overnight.

Great For Hits On The Go

The Bud Bomb pipe is a fantastic piece for any herb fan who likes their hits quick and on the go. This pipe is easy to carry and even easier to pack. this pipe is the last word in convenient.

Available In A Variety of Colors

The Bud Bomb Pipe is available in three separate finishes, silver, gold, and gunmetal black so you can get the piece that suits you the most. Simply click on the drop down to view all available options for this pipe.

Please note that this item is for sell to buyer AGE 18+ ONLY***.

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