Offer for returning customers: 5 bars for £25 (inc. UK P&P) 

Each item is a 3-pack of 200g bars Aleppo Soap (600g). Mydło Aleppo, 50% olejku laurowego

Traditional, handmade Aleppo soap, is known as Aleppo Ghar Soap, Savon d'Alep or Alep soap, and in the Arabic Language  "Sapun Ghar and Sapun Halabi". It is similar to Castile, Marseille or Nablus soap, but with the addition of Laurel oil.

The history of Aleppo soap goes back more than 8 thousand years to the Syrian city of Aleppo. It is the origin of the hard soaps used today throughout the world. Completely natural, and contains no synthetic additives or artificial colours or preservatives. Olive oil and laurel oil are the fundamental ingredients to make this old soap. Aleppo soap boilers in Aleppo start during winter – from November to March of each year. The mixture of the soap poured on to a flat surface, like a shallow swimming pool, and then cooled and dried. The resulting block of green, fresh soap is then cut and branded with the maker's stamp. It takes about six to nine months to dry on racks in well aerated arches, and gradually matures with age into the traditional shape that we see.