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Magnetic Car Dash Mobile Phone Holder Dashboard Mount or Wall Universal for iPhone / Samsung or any other metal objects under 300 grams

How to use:
Vaporly UK Universal holder can be used for multiple purposes. It can be used in the car as a phone holder or at home / office desk space as a phone / key / small tools / parts or any other metal object holder. The magnet is powerful so takes some force to take objects off it. How to use:

1) Plan and decide where item will go ensuring there are no uneven surfaces and the items to be stuck have enough space.

2) Ensure surface is smooth, clean and dust free before sticking on.

3) Remove strip from behind of the magnet and place on surface. Keep pressure applied for 60 seconds.

4) Allow 2 hours for the item to gel with the surface.  Do not use for 2 hours after sticking on as the glue requires time to activate and bond with surface 5) If your phone or object does not have a magnet / metal built in simply stick a metal plate on to the back of your phone / object.

Recommended weight is 300 grams in a stationary setting. Highly advised to use the larger magnet plate to increase surface area contact between magnet and metal plate. NOT DESIGNED FOR SHARP OBJECTS.


1.Size 7x2cm zinc alloy stick on magnetic phone mount.
2.The car phone holder has a sponge pad that can be safely installed on the phone without swinging or damaging interior.
3. Materials are light and portable, easy to install.
4. Whether you are driving on a bumpy road or suddenly braking, the extra strong magnet will hold the phone tightly.
5. Lightweight and compact: small size, light weight and space saving, it is the ideal companion when you drive or go to work.
6. This is also ideal for all types of use and not just for phones.  We have tested this with kitchen accessories such as metal tin openers and is well ideal when you need to hang something metal without it wanting to touch the kitchen unit surface.

This has been provided with a cleaning wipe to ensure the surface you attach the base or holder to is cleaned for maximum performance.

Material: Aluminium alloy + 6 x N38 magnet
Type: Stick on
Colour: Black / Rose Gold / Silver
Product Size: 7 x 2cm
Application: Available for 4.5-6.5 inch screen

Package Included:

1 x Magnetic car holder
2 x Metal plates

2 x Self Adhesive Metal plates are also available to purchase separately.