Professional Quality Thai Khaen Bamboo instrument with rich and resonant sound
Silver Reed Isan Mouth Organ Traditional Lao Flute Musical Folk Harmonica Khaen 8 Key Am
Introductory Price US$125 with courier shipping for limited time only!!!

The khene or Khaen, a long bamboo reed, mouth organ instrument, is the most beloved musical instrument in Laos, and it is one of the most familiar to the rest of the world.

Its pipes re usually made of bamboo and connected with a small, hollowed-out hardwood reservoir into which air is blown.

Often a common part of daily life, in some families as indispensable for this high-regards music instruments.  The khene is revered worldwide for its highly unique buzzing sound.  Our offered is Khaen paet (แคนแปดpaet meaning "eight") - medium-sized khaen with 16 pipes in two rows of 8; the most commonly used version.

The khene is played in different types of settings: solo, with other instruments, or as part of a khene ensemble. It is most often used for singers performing Lao folk music, and for background music in theater.

 A unique music instrument of Thailand and Laos with a unique sound. Suitable for the profession loving wind instrument.
Not only a music instrument but also nice decor and collectibles
All natural material and light weight.
Size (approx.): 5.5" X 39" / 14cm x 99cm ((W-H).
Color: Light brown (natural color of bamboo and wood)  
Hand-Made by Thai instrument Master with over 20 years of experience

The khene has seven tones per octave, with intervals similar to that of the Western diatonic natural A-minor scale: A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. A khene can be made in a particular key but cannot be tuned after the reed is set and the pipes are cut.

The package includes 1x99 cm Khaen, 1 Bag & Manual.


Shipped from Thailand via courier 10 business days.

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