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Can be directly inserted into the bladder. The density of silica gel is high, bacteria are not easy to remain, and the service life is longer than that of ordinary soft glue!

The surface of the product is smooth and delicate, and can be bent at will. Silica gel is as smooth and soft as skin, so you can reduce discomfort during use.

[tail] mushroom head design can effectively prevent it from sliding into the urethra during use,Avoid failure to pull out . It is safer to use and more convenient to wear out!

[head] smooth tip design, more convenient insertion, no burr and smoother entry.

Please choose the style and color you need 

Black-wave: includes 8pc / lot (the bar is wave design.) 


Length: 300 mm 

White: includes 7pcs / lot (the bar is straight.) 


Length: 350mm 

Black: includes 7pcs / lot (the bar is straight.) 


Length: 350mm


massage sounds(Please choose the length and size you need) 

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It can bend.They conform to the curves of your body and they are long enough to go all the way into your bladder and then some!! 

Size from small to large,The size range also lets you challenge yourself when you are playing with them. 

Type: Urethral sounds 

Material: Silicone PenisPlug 

User : Urethral Stretching sextoys for men 


1. Clean by 75% medicalalcohol or wash with warm soapy water before and after use 

2. Using with lube, more pleasure 

3. Clean after use, dry and keep it in ventilate place