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Controllable by Remote Control 20m,You never know when the next right impulse will come different distances rhythms everything.

Suitable for classic toys for couples offering a full body massage. Exciting sex pleasure without hurting the human body. Weak to strong, multiple levels of stimulation, romantic feeling, a must-have tool for adults Sexgames, flirting/foreplay, Wonderful pleasure sensations experience herewith.

Made of high quality materials, non-toxic, non-allergic, comfortable to wear, no skin damage, strong and durable, flirting of couples, assembly is very simple, can be used repeatedly, can be equipped . Design and materials offer you absolute comfort. You can tease, tease and tease your partner.

Can touch directly to the skin, 100% hypoallergenic. With this device you enter a new phase of your sexxlife, for people with low sensitivity, simulation creates a completely natural feeling and pleasure.

 *About The Remote  Power box 


Voltage : 3v 

Battery type : AAA * 4 batteries 

Output Power : MAX30-100V/10-80uA

The average current of working current: 50mA

 Use method:  

1.Remote control and Host : Open the battery cover . Load the battery according to the two ends of the battery slot .

 Prepare parts : Connect the accessories to the host port . The remote control is equipped with a hanging rope , The remote control is equipped with a hanging rope , which can be hung on the belt and belt of the waist 

2.Because the power have a strong electroshock feeling , if it is the first time to use the electroshock medical toys ,please turn to the minimum frequency when you open the  power takes the parts close the human body. if you choose a strong power ,you may feel pain.

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