Orbitsound speaker and bar remote new in wrapper.
Works with most Orbitsound speakers. Not with T12v1 (serial starts with a 1) or v2 (serial starts with 201),T6, T4 or Spaced360. If you think you have a T12 v1 or v2 then message me with your serial number. 
If your bar has an iPod dock and a serial number starting 212 or 312 standard remote is fine. Any other serial number on a bar with an ipod dock isn't.

These are likely to be among the last 50 or just the last.

IF YOUR BAR HAS AN iPod DOCK, DOUBLE CHECK THE ABOVE. Have had a few customers pay double postage for not checking.

If unsure message anyway I likely have the remote for you.

Orbitsound remote:
A60, A70, M9, M10 , M12, SB60, SB60LX, T9, ORBITBAR12, DOCK E30 ,M9LX, M10LX, P70, P70w, P70wv2.
Also T12 v1, v2 OR v3 (specify/message serial number AND any marked version when ordering remotes for T12's, or risk getting wrong remote).

The 2032 batteries included are getting on a bit, may be doa or not last too long. If any issues do areise try an ir test first: www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDC1cyl3LcY

if using an eBay drop option to argos, sainsburys etc please don't. I have had many returns/postal issues off the back of this type/issues as they only usually hold them for a short period.

The package will easily fit through a letter box. If you do insist on using a drop shop type please use the extra postage option or order may be cancelled.

Standard postage is a stamp only, no tracking or signature. I've seen 10 days with first class, 4 with 2nd class tracked. RM being RM. 

Non Xmas update: New record 13 days.