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Britemax REMAX Silicon Dioxide Si02 Hydrophobic Spray Sealant for Cars

Britemax REMAX Si02 Hydrophobic Spray 3.78 Litre (1 US Gallon)


Perfect for enthusiasts and professional detailers alike, Britemax Remax Si02 Spray Sealant delivers a fast, effective and lasting water-repelling hydrophobic coating for cars. Remax is more than a simple spray wax and far easier to use than traditional wax. Offering the advantages and deep glass-like gloss finish of a labour intensive ceramic coating application in an easy-to-use trigger spray format, Remax requires users to simply buff away residue following application for jaw-dropping results. Safe to use on all surfaces, such as paint, chrome, plastics and glass, Britemax Remax offers durability too – leaving surfaces benefiting from a spectacular Si02 coating and its hydrophobic effects for up to six months.
Britemax Remax Si02 Spray Sealant is an inorganic ceramic silica-based maintenance spray that leaves surfaces silky smooth and glass-like in appearance. But what is Sio2? Put simply it is the chemical formula for silicon dioxide or silica. Silicon dioxide is most commonly found in nature as the mineral quartz, the second most abundant mineral in the Earth's crust. By taking advantage of these naturally abundant properties, the Remax formula makes it the best silicon dioxide spray on the market for those users requiring a fast and easy hydrophobic vehicle coating.

So, what does hydrophobic mean? Literally translated the word hydrophobic means 'water-fearing' – it describes the separation of water from nonpolar substances. In terms of washing cars, this means it minimises the ability of water to cling to vehicle surfaces. Cars with a hydrophobic coating benefit from water beading quickly and smoothly off their surfaces rather than collecting on them – which is known as hydrophilic. Ultimately surfaces with a hydrophobic coating will repel water enabling them to stay cleaner for longer.

Britemax Remax can be used as a standalone product or as an enhancement to a previously applied ceramic coating or sealant. When used after a ceramic coating has been applied.
 It can also simply be sprayed onto a vehicle after washing. Adding to Remax's user-friendly nature is its ability to work effectively even in cold conditions.