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Britemax LEATHER MAX 16oz / 473ml

Britemax Leather Max is a leather cleaner and conditioner, and a vinyl cleaner and conditioner – it feeds, rehydrates and protects leather and vinyl surfaces in your vehicle for a long-lasting non-greasy satin finish. Cleaning leather car seats is not simply a case of wiping them down with a damp cloth, car leather needs to be fed and protected from damage in order to last – Britemax Leather Max takes this into account. A cream-style cleaner and conditioner, it either penetrates and protects or simply protects leather and vinyl surfaces depending on their type, to increase pliancy, prevent cracking while adding a pleasant 'real leather' scent.

Once applied, inherently many spray-on silicone-based car seat cleaners sit on the surface following treatment, which can look unsightly, attract dust and facilitate the transfer of the cleaning substance to clothing. Britemax Leather Max has a special formulation that allows it to permeate the surface of older leather to feed it, or to protect modern leather or vinyl with a protective layer, much like applying wax or a ceramic coating to a metal surface. By its very nature, modern car leather cannot be penetrated due to the contemporary leather dye and lacquering processes – here the material is constructed in layers.

Uncertain whether your vehicle has leather or vinyl upholstery? Run a wetted finger across the surface in question; if the moisture is absorbed, then it is most likely genuine leather. Leather tends to be warmer to the touch than vinyl, which by its very nature has a cooler more artificial feel to it. You may find that you have a mix of both materials, with leather on the front part of your seats, for example, vinyl at the sides and rear – this is common with modern vehicles. However, regardless of which material appears in your vehicle, Britemax Leather Max can quickly and effectively clean and condition it. 

Safe to use on all leathers and vinyl of all colours, Leather Max's cream-style consistency allows it to be applied in a controlled fashion, which is far better than trigger spray applications for focused coverage.