In good nick, a few spots of greening here and there. Locks take a master key usually, none available at present. With a polish will come up nice. Some have more than the bar, lock and return.

The march of progress, perfectly good push bar/fire bars that can no longer be used due to a refit.

Ten available, price per bar but make an offer you never know.

W & R Leggott of Bradford originally, likely the material is Brass then as they were an accomplished Brass and Iron foundry/works.

Locks take a masterkey, Likely easy enough for a smith to replicate or maybe findable on ebay. Otherwise the mechanisms work fine.

Genuinely uncertain on the worth TBH so all offers welcome, especially if buying in bulk. That being said had similar before that sold for a pretty penny so please be honest/genuine when offering. On top of that...... well aware of the scrap value also, these are solid.

Due to the weight/nature I reckon postage could/can only be shiply/anyvan or similar unless local to London N5. Happy for a local pickup to occur, can maybe deliver in and around Islington/London/N5/N1.

That being said give me a postcode and required amount. Sometimes its worth checking.