Britemax PERFECT PREP 473ml / 16oz

RRP = £15.95

Multi-Surface Fine Car Polishing Compound & Swirl Remover


Britemax Perfect Prep offers the quickest and easiest way to remove swirl marks and fine scratches from your car. Effective on all headlight clusters and plastic surfaces, such as trim and convertible car plastic rear windows, Perfect Prep's compound works in two key stages. Firstly it cleans away any existing coatings on surfaces, such as old wax residue and embedded dirt, secondly, it removes light to medium swirl mark and minor surface imperfections – such as mild scratches. Safe for use on all types of paintwork, gel coats, polished fibreglass and plastics, Britemax Perfect Prep removes undesirable blemishes lending clarity to clear plastics and a show-stopping sheen to paintwork.  

Britemax Perfect Prep is a self-lubricated, fast-acting, abrasive cutting compound, returning best results when used with a machine polisher – it is ideal for amateur and professional users alike. A major bonus of Britemax Perfect Prep is the minimal dusting it creates – that's the annoying fine dust often generated by polishes and fibres from applicator pads during the polishing process. Further adding to its ease of use, Perfect Prep will not load-up applicators, oversaturating them with the product. It also has an excellent working time, which means it can be easily manipulated without curing for a good length of time – this allows users of all abilities plenty of time to achieve the perfect end result.

Perfect Prep is also effective on headlamps, its ability as a plastic lens polishing compound ensures it can remove light marks and scratches, aiding it in reconditioning light clusters to look as good as new. By the same token, Britemax Perfect Prep can be used on high gloss interior plastics, returning them to their original factory fresh look by removing fine scratches and unsightly swirl marks from your car. Tired, scratched and swirl marked plastics and paintwork are often the largest contributing factor in dating a vehicle's appearance, with these lessoned or entirely removed, several years can be wiped off the visual impression a vehicle makes. Britemax Perfect Prep contains no silicone, meaning it is free from any harsh, synthetic chemicals, and it is as safe for use in professional Bodyshop's as it is in the private garage or on the driveway at home.