Samsung sp43w6hl, more details and pics once I have time.

I use it very occasionally now for PS3 Component HD at 1080i, PT and Uncharted look great..... if it's nighttime. Gotta be honest though, more for the sound. You won't get a better sounding TV before or since than rear P.

PS2/GAMECUBE in SD or 480p ain't bad either.

The downside, in a moderately lit room this thing shows its age. After dark it's bright enough.

I have SD monitors now that, excluding sound do a better job in a tighter if heavier package.

You need a big room for one of these or a long mancave. If I still had one I'd still use the thing at least bi weekly.

Should go without saying but... TV only, no consoles/wires involved save TV power. I will throw in the scart adapters, having no use once this is gone.

Has its own inbuilt stand.

Condition is pretty good for something nearing 20 years if not there already. A few scratches and dents on the "Screen", however as its technically just a sheet of plastic a replacement is not difficult. The rca/phono on front has a pin stuck, I use scart adapters anyway and think you could get the pin out with some patience. Something has been spilt on the inside of the screen, you can easily, with ample space (which I don't have) open it sort of hinged to clean it. It's rear projection, so the image looks terrible/weird up close, once you are a foot or two away it's fine for SD and component HD.

UPDATE; Opened up, whatever the stain is, it is trapped between 2 layers/a diffuser of some kind. Not pulling apart myself, as I say once on/playing its not noticeable. Cant get to the stuck pin either, the socket is usable with a really short phono though.

Now the crux, while not heavy this thing is awkward as f^&k to move, especially stairs. It can come apart and/or happy to help get it down my stairs to a van and/or to demo it.

Won't do delivery and can't get it downstairs without help so if Shiply/Anyvan let them know.

I know me, I won't move it without incentive but don't want it ending up at the tip either.