1948 Leaf 70 Honus Wagner PSA 1


1948 Leaf 70 Honus Wagner PSA 1 1948 Leaf 70 Honus Wagner PSA 1

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Please note if the picture does not match the listing, go by the title and not the picture. 
We accept returns on all items, framed items will be removed from the frame if larger than 11x14 as we offer free shipping.
We grade autographed items on a scale of 1/10, this is our opinion of the signature, not a third party grade. The grade only refers to the autograph itself, not what it is signed on.

All cards and autographs we sell are guaranteed to pass JSA or PSA for nine months from date of purchase unless we note them as being trimmed or altered. We only refund the direct purchase price, not authentication fees or related shipping fees, etc. We do require proof of rejection after the normal ebay return period.