Bnib, never used has cap over stickers never applied as well as a metal oversleeve. Manufactured in 00 I think.
Well, if you collect vintage keyboard with interesting switches, this is a pretty good addition to your collection.
Keycaps (probably doubleshots, maybe dyesubs) are really desirable for collectors since they can be used on modern keyboards.
I'm not pulling it apart to find type though. It's the grey model so likely old/best stubs.
Those in the know have all they need with/from the label photos.
Includes Maxess WinKG Keyguard.

Can go for £20, lucky you but not here/today. Upper end is hundreds. Happy to sit on it.

That said make an offer, you never know. Free UK postage.

This Cherry keyboard model G81-3000LPCGB-0 is a brand new unit with standard QWERTY layout and English language. It connects easily with USB and PS/2 FTSC MY Switch technology. The keyboard's grey colour and German manufacture make it a sleek and reliable addition to any computer setup. The Cherry MY 3000 keyboard is a membrane type with no manufacturer warranty, but is durable and long-lasting. It comes in original packaging and is not a custom bundle. This unit quantity of one is perfect for those in need of a single keyboard for personal or professional use.