AquaWave Straight 3.5in - a super soft, highly supple, buoyant worm lure. An extremely versatile lure that's a lot tougher than it looks. I've had great success with the Straight in both freshwater and saltwater. I even did a feature on them in the Angling Times, fishing for Perch with the Neko rig!

The Straight fishes well as a worm bait or fish fry. As a worm, try a long shank #10 or #8 jig head and slowly tap the bottom. Or fish on a dropshot rig, wacky mounted (hooked in the centre). Or as previously mentioned, try the Neko rig for something equally different and deadly. As a fish fry replica, fish traditionally mounted on a dropshot rig. You'll get an insane amount of movement from the Straight.

AquaWave makes the Straight out of a super tough, super stretchy soft plastic that makes it stand up to toothy fish, again and again. I found I wasn't getting through many lures (unless I snagged!), so what I've done here is split the colours among each pack allowing you to carry a mix of colours to adapt to different water clarity. 

This is the bright colour pack and includes the following colours (2 of each colour | 8 lures in total):
15 White
14 SG Orange
3 Pink Glow
21 Clear Chart Glow / Silver Flake

A natural colours pack is also available. See our other auctions.

AquaWave have produced the lure body with a channel to guide your hook point when rigging up. It's super easy to get the lure rigged straight every time. Included in the pack are some rubber lure locks that can be used to keep your lures in place on the hook.

All lures are new stock.

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