PREMIUM Hyaluronic Acid with Marine Collagen

Luxurious Moisture for a Beautiful and Shining day

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5 TABLETS per 1650mg

A type of hyaluronic acid

chiralumco polysaccharide, it exists in large amounts in the gaps between our cells and plays an important role in storing water and body fluids. It has a strong stickiness and is one of the main components that make up the skin.
Its water retention capacity is extremely high, 6000 times its own weight, 6000ml of water per 1g is said to retain water.
Luxuriously blended low-molecular-weight marine collagen that is compatible with hyaluronic acid. Two ingredients deliver more beauty and moisture.
Please use it for a beautiful and shining day.

Internal capacity

158.4g (330mg x 480 grains)

country of origin



Dietary supplement

raw materials

reduced maltosecollagen peptide (gelatin)Starch/hyaluronic acidCrystalline celluloseCa stearatecalcium phosphate

Allergens included


Preservation method

Please store away from direct sunlight, high temperature, and humidity.

Nutrition information

5 capsules per 1650mg
Energy: 6.34kcal / Protein: 0.33g / Lipid: 0.08g / Carbohydrate: 1.08g / Salt equivalent: 0.04g
(Remarks: hyaluronic acid 300mg, collagen peptide 250mg)

How to use:

As a food, take 5 tablets a day with water. Please follow the recommended daily intake.
A balanced diet is based on staple food, main dish, and side dish.

Handling Precautions

Consume as soon as possible after opening. Due to the use of plant-derived raw materials, there may be slight variations in color, but there is no problem with quality.