Lightly used, backup to bigger Hobart. Tested, cleaned, inventoried against website accessories.Will be boxed in a non original Buffalo box.

So my bad, its not a Buffalo Multi Function Food Processor ck164, its a better more expensive Robot Coupe R 211 XL, with accessories/attachments.
£ 1,300-1,500 OR THEREABOUTS NEW, with fewer accessories.
£ 300-1,000 used on ebay without/with accessories, don't take my word, check completed listings.

Pulse control

Pics and vids show it works and what is there.
R 211 XL (£ 300-500)
2.9 litre stainless steel cutter bowl (£250 for bowl used, £90 for lid on it's own)
Robot Coupe exclusive patented 1500 rpm blade (£150 plus for non original blades)
2 discs(£70-120, each) One is a grating blade, one is cutting, julienne maybe?
Veg prep attachment/hopper and pusher (£30-40 just for the pusher, £120-130 for the veg prep attachment)

(£1,200+ all told, new and used mixed)

Normal 240v, not 3 phase.

Delivery or postage fine. No idea why I didn't add postage initially, there now.

Make an offer, if I can more easily get it to you I'm more likely to be affable. (Central/North London for instance is an easy drop while passing).
International, please note the 240v, nothing sent until money clears.
UK national, free post or delivery if we pass. Postage might take me a few days, need to get bubble wrap.