Our Organic Chemistry Glassware Kits are ONE-of-our 2 CORE PRODUCTS, and we put all our efforts into making them the BEST in the world! Our Production & Engineering Staff have been making these Kits since the late 1960's and are EXPERT at the process, because that is ALL they make. Our other staff Design & Manufacturer our Pilot & Production Plant Reactors & Systems, and that is all they do. We have split our resources with no cross-overs, to ensure our focus & quality is matched by none.


Our Organic Chemistry Glassware Kits are sold in the US & Globally to Pharmaceutical/Diagnostic clients, Precious Metal Refiners, R&D Labs, Chemical Manufacturers, Industrial Gas/Pigment/Plastic/Adhesive/Fiber/Resin manufacturers, Universities & High/Private Schools, to just name a few industries we serve. Our slogan, “Where Invention Becomes INNOVATION” is our constant goal, always in the forefront of all we manufacturer, and has been proven over-and-over again...it is the hallmark of all we do.


Thank you for your purchase of our world Class Organic Chemistry Glassware Kits!




BONUSES with your purchase...

· 1(ONE) Full Length Thermometer with case, 0°C to 360°C

· 1 Additional 100ml, 50ml & 25ml 24/40 Round Bottom Flasks

· Booklet with Experiments and Use & Care Guidelines for SGV Scientific Organic Chemistry Glassware Kits (OCGK)

· Web Access to one of the most comprehensive synthesis formularies that references over 5000 procedures. It is considered to be one of the most detailed, reliable, and carefully checked procedure repository for the preparation & synthesis of organic compounds. (Details included in above Manual)

· PLUS, 400mm Vigreux Distillation Column, 200mm LONGER than others that supply a 200mm column


 All pieces of these kits are made in our ISO 9001 approved Factories and meet the strict quality requirements of

ASTM E438, Type 1, Class A


Don’t be fooled by Chinese Imitations; you get what you pay for. We have purchased these Chinese Kits and tested in our labs. They have MASSIVE bubbles in the joints & thin walls that lead to rupture of the glass during use.  They claim ASTM compliance, but they are not.


Our US products are made to ensure SAFETY IS OUR #1 PRIORITY!



Kit Includes


1000ml Round Bottom Flask, 2-ne​ck, Heavy Wall, 24/40


1000ml Round Bottom Flask, Single Neck,  He​avy Wall, 24/40


500ml Round Bottom Flask, 3-ne​ck, Heavy Wall, 24/40


250ml Round Bottom Flask, 2-ne​ck, Heavy Wall, 24/40


Graham condenser,​ 300mm, 24/40


Vigreux Distillation Column, 400mm, 24/40


Allihn condenser, 300mm, 24/40


Liebig condenser,​ 300mm


Separatory Funnel, 250ml, 24/40 top/bottom joints & TEFLON (PTFE) STOPCOCK


Claisen Adapter, 24/40


Three-way Thermometer Adapter w/ O-ring & Screw cap, (24/40)


Vacuum take-off adapter, 24/40, 105° bend


75 Degree Connecting Adapter 24/40, Three way adapter


Penny Head SOLID Glass stoppers, 24/40


Plastic Keck Clamps, 24/40


All Pieces are made of Low Expansion Borosilicate Glass and meets ASTM Specification E438, Type 1, Class A which is the Standard Specification for Glass in Laboratory Apparatus. Depending on inventory, multiple neck flasks may be angled or straight neck.


We are a major US supplier to numerous industries and now will be selling some of our products through a WHOLESALE process, thus you now have a chance to purchase these products at a greatly discounted price.

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