The Music Machine


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The Music Machine for the Atari 2600 is not only one of the rarest Atari 2600 games in existence, but also one with a unique background.

Based on a popular children’s album, Music Machine: Fruit of the spirit, released in 1977, The Music Machine was the only release by Sparrow Records though the group still exists today. The game was programmed by Home Computer Software, Inc. (whose only other credit seems to be the “Kids say the Darndest Things” game for the Commodore64) and puts a religious spin on Activision's Kaboom! It was sold only in Christian bookstores which explains why not many of these were sold. You could also purchase the music machine record that you could play for inspiration as you play. Until the first sealed copy of The Music Machine was sold in 2009, it was believed by some that the record was packaged with the game.

The game has the player(s) maneuver the two children Steve and Nancy (Featured on the Music Album) along the bottom of the screen as they attempt to catch various symbols dropped from the Music Machine in their basket that represent positive character-building qualities called "The Fruit of the Spirit." These qualities include love, patience, gentleness, faith, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, and self-control, and are represented by religious items such as harps, lambs, angels, and hearts. You'll get points for every item you catch, and lose points for each item you miss. The game ends when you miss at least one item in each of three different waves. Each wave lasts a really long time. You progress to the next level when you collect the heart. The villainous Mr. Pims will try and stop Steve and Nancy by hurling creatures called "Pudgeons" toward their basket. Catching a Pudgeon or missing a heart will remove one basket, but bonus baskets can be earned every 10,000 points.

Legend has it that an even more rare special edition was available, packaged with a modified version of the aforementioned children’s album meant to be played along with the game (Unfortunately, the one I’m selling is not one of these bundles). A special introduction was added to the beginning of the record, directing players to start the game at a specific moment, thereby syncing the game to the album. The in-game Music Machine would send down its flood of “positive character qualities” in time with the “real” Music Machine on the record. This usually only worked perfectly as long as your record remained unscratched and untouched by sunlight. While some arcade games and a few home consoles (such as the Vetrex) featured plastic overlays with additional visual components, this was the first instance of sound overlay ever being used in concert with a video game.

Production Typo:
The games model number is GCG-1001T, but on the side of the box a typo resulted in the model number being GCG-100T.

The Music Machine is a Holy Grail for Atari 2600 collectors and listed with a rarity of 10 "Unbelievably Rare" on AtariAge: "These games are almost impossible to find in the wild. Even collectors who have been at it for years may never run across one of these, and they often make up the showcase of an individual's collection."

Rarity Guide lists this game as ULTRA RARE, scoring 96% on their rarity scale.

Personal Note:
This sealed game was re-found after being squirrelled away in 1999 (unintentionally squirrelled), this game has been kept in near perfect condition in a box with loose intellivision games (for some odd reason) and forgotten about for almost 15 years. Its unknown where the game came from before that.

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