10 Cards - Lucky Number Raffle Cards A4 - Fundraising 

- 100 Spaces - 

10 A4 Fundraising cards normally ran as a private lottery in pubs, clubs and events with 100 spaces.   

Printed on card with black ink.   

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Space is provided for the good cause that you are raising monies for to be written in.  

A box for the Stake and Prize is also provided.  

People pay for a number -  all spaces are sold for the same fixed price, normally £1 or £2,  

once all the spaces are taken you can pull the heavy tape off and below is the lucky number.    

The prize is then given out and the remainder is given to the good cause.  

Prize size is a fine balancing act of raising enough money for the good cause 

and having enough of a prize to tempt people to part with their money.