YOSHITAKA 165mm Blue 2 Nashiji Santoku Japanese Kitchen Knife Brand New.

A very characteristic Blue 2 Nashiji Santoku multi purpose kitchen knife for home use or for professional cook in the commercial kitchen. Beautiful, great quality and affordable. Very sharp out of the box, sharpness last a long time and very easy to sharpen.

Knife Maker: Tadafusa based in Sanjo-City, Niigata, Japan
Total length: 306mm
Blade length: 168mm
Blade height:49mm
Spine thickness above heel: 3.6mm
Spine thickness in the centre: 2mm
Spine thickness 10mm from tip: 1.4mm
Weight: 128g
Core: Blue 2 (Aogami 2)
Cladding: Stainless steel
Handle length: 125mm
Handle: Oval burnt chestnut with plastic ferrule

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