VOLVOFEFE 240-182006 -7100cc, 240HP
VOLVOFEFE 240-222006 -7100cc, 240HP
VOLVOFEFE 240-262006 -7100cc, 240HP
VOLVOFLFL 240-122006 -7100cc, 240HP
VOLVOFLFL 240-142009 -7100cc, 241HP
VOLVOFLFL 240-152006 -7100cc, 240HP
VOLVOFLFL 240-162006 -7100cc, 240HP
VOLVOFLFL 240-162009 -7100cc, 241HP
VOLVOFLFL 240-182006 -7100cc, 240HP
VOLVOFLFL 260-122009 -7100cc, 260HP
VOLVOFLFL 260-142009 -7100cc, 260HP
VOLVOFLFL 260-152009 -7100cc, 260HP
VOLVOFLFL 260-162009 -7100cc, 260HP
VOLVOFLFL 260-182009 -7100cc, 260HP
VOLVOFLFL 280-122006 -7100cc, 280HP
VOLVOFLFL 280-142009 -7100cc, 280HP
VOLVOFLFL 280-152006 -7100cc, 280HP
VOLVOFLFL 280-162006 -7100cc, 280HP
VOLVOFLFL 280-182006 -7100cc, 280HP
VOLVOFLFL 290-122009 -7100cc, 290HP
VOLVOFLFL 290-142009 -7100cc, 290HP
VOLVOFLFL 290-162009 -7100cc, 290HP

 Hello everyone!

Thank you for your interest in our EBay listing for the dennis elite 2 starter motor.

This is brand new aftermarket unit of exceptional Quality. All of the components used in the manufacture of this unit are made to OE Specifications, which gives the unit much more robust, harder wearing capabilities and most importantly a long service life.


Unistart are small family run business. We have been established in East London and supplying the trade since 1994.Our engineers have over 60 years of combined experience in the repair, remanufacture and supply of alternators and starter motors for all types of vehicles.


We are time served, professional, consciences engineers and not sales men or women! It gives us great satisfaction on a daily basis to give all of our customers ,old and new, help and advice combined with a truly, Honest, reliable, friendly, and transparent, old fashioned service using the latest technology. 




·        Are you having trouble finding an obsolete, old or unusual Alternator or Starter Motor for your car, classic car, Narrow boat, motorcycle, commercial vehicle or basically anything else?


·        Can’t find the Alternator or Starter you are looking for the right price for you?


·        Would you like a cost effective, professional, and environmentally friendly alternative with a company that prides itself on being able to repair these units?


Well, we are confident we can help! You can bring the unit to us, which has a great benefit- the free tea! Maybe a biscuit if Peter the Secret, silent nibbler has

not got there first. Alternatively, we will collect the unit from you using either one of our own vans within the M25 or Parcelforce for Nationwide customers. The unit will be:



·        Fully load tested on our state of the art test machine, inspected and assessed and given a Job number.


·        You will be told that the unit either needs a repair, recondition or new unit supplied.


·        All prices are quoted before any work is carried out.


We can normally turn these units around the same day or if we need to order in non-stock parts they take around 2 days to complete the job.



Free Services


·        Free Tea when you visit us-possibly a biscuit.

·        Free Telephone advice

·        Free Testing when you bring the unit to us.

·        Free collection within the M25

·        No obligation to buy.


The Technical stuff


We don’t do smoke and mirrors here at Unistart. This means when a unit comes into our workshop and it is tested, if there in nothing wrong with the unit we will tell you there is nothing wrong! Advice will be given to you, after listing to you about the symptoms, of the possible cause of the problem. Then hopefully, we look forward to seeing you again someday when you have got an alternator or starter motor with a problem.




What we don’t do


·        Use inferior and substandard cheap parts.

·        Shoddy workmanship

·        Charge for something we have not done.





·        Top quality workmanship.

·        Non Biased Advice.

·        High specification quality components

·        I year no quibble warranty

·        Great Tea!


Collection and Delivery


·        We use our own vans for collection and delivery anywhere within the M25.

·        Parcelforce Worldwide or DPD  for UK, Europe and International

·        Part of a National courier network for add hock collections.



Well that’s it. Thank you for taking the time to read my somewhat long introduction letter.

We hope that it has given you a little insight to who we are and what we do here at Unistart.


For some free no obligation help and advice, please do not hesitate to call Garry or Peter on: 02 0 8983 


We grow our business from recommendations, thank you for your support.


Many thanks

Kind regards