50 sheets on 2 part NCR Paper - 
50 Top Sheets White and 50 Bottom Sheets on tinted ncr paper collated into one book.

Numbering Available at an extra cost

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with your company name and details

and your logo can be added free of charge - to one of our basic layouts.

You can also send a jpeg of your own logo or required clip art


NCR invoices are important for both the business who send the invoice and the client who receives it. 

The invoice helps the payment process by notifying the client that payment is due. 

For the client it gives a record of when payment is due and helps towards their bookkeeping. 

 - Your Artwork will be saved and retained for the next time you need to order.

Generally invoices outline payment terms, costs, shipping and handling and other information relevant to the transaction. 

All our invoices are bespoke as they include all the relevant business details such as the logo, address, VAT and banking information.

The NCR pad designs are customisable. 

We have a number of basic layouts that can be customised.

NCR Pad Features & Options
50 individual sets per NCR pad
Light card cover
Stapled at the top or side
Single Perforation for stapled book
Grey board back & loose writing shield

Can be glued as a pad or in a set

NCR Paper is the modern day equivalent to the old fashioned and messy blue carbon copy paper. The acronym NCR stands for NCarbon Required.

Essentially, it does exactly the same as the blue carbon copy paper allowing you to duplicate what you are writing, although it is the unique, invisible coating on the paper you are writing on that allows the copy to be made.

We currently use Giroform m ultra carbonless paper. It is a FSC Mix paper FSC C014541.

TOP SHEET: Which is normally a white sheet has the back of the first sheet of paper coated with micro-encapsulated dye (known as a CB sheet – Coated Back). 

The bottom sheet is coated on the front surface with a clay that reacts with the dye from the top sheet (known as a CF sheet – Coated Front). 

Any additional sheets required in between are coated with clay on the front and dye on the back (known as a CFB Sheet – Coated Front & Back).

When the top sheet is written on, the pressure from the pen causes the micro-capsules to break and release their dye onto the clay coated side. 

As the capsules are so small, the resulting duplicate is an accurate copy of what has been written above.

Ready to Order?

We will need your company name, details and your logo can be added free of charge - to one of our basic layouts.

You can also send a jpeg of your own artwork or required clip art

Book is top sheet perforated and the book stapled.   Proof emailed / eBay messaged before printing.

Glued pads and Gluing into sets is also possible - please let me know if this is what you require

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