Ittetsu SLD Polish X-Hammered Petty 135mm Japanese Kitchen Knife ITSLD-135P1

This Ittetsu brand line of knife is made from SLD core steel which has tough edge retention which stay sharp longer. The stainless cladding is rust resistant with X-pattern hammered polish finish. Fit and finish is very good all around. Great edge sharpness. Light and versatile little knife for many delicate and light work in the kitchen. 
Total length: 268mm
Blade length: 135mm
Blade height: 31mm
Spine thickness above heel: 3.4mm
Spine thickness at middle: 3mm
Spine thickness at 1cm from tip: 0.8mm
Weight: 84g
Handle length: 114mm
Handle: Octagonal Ash with Quince ferrule

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