Takeshi Saji 31-Layer VG10 Nickel Damascus 270mm Gyuto Stag Handle with Rosewood Saya TS-3

This knife was made by the 3rd generation 74 years old Legend Master craftsman Takeshi Saji also the veteran for his creative outdoor knives. The distinct Damascus lines much apparent is this VG10 Nickel Damascus 270mm Gyuto. Using traditional skills incorporated with new innovative of material to finish his knives he has the vast variety of selection to offer. From all sorts of exotic woods, luxious stones, abalone shell... just to name a few. This knife was fitted with stag handle and we decided to pick the dark Rosewood to custom made each and individual Saya to properly adjust to our satisfactory. In our opinion it is quite a good match which we really like it and we hope the same from you as well.

Made in: Echizen, Fukui Perfecture, Japan.
Core: VG10
Cladding: Stainless Damascus
Hardness: HRC 60
Total length: 403mm
Blade length: 270mm
Blade height above heel: 51mm
Spine thickness above heel: 2.2mm
Spine thickness at middle: 2.0mm
Spine thickness at 1cm from tip: 1.4mm
Weight: 316g
Balance point: 24mm from handle
Handle length: 129mm
Bolster: Brass
Handle: Stag
Saya: Rosewood

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