All of the 2022 Topps Stars of MLB Insert Cards #SMLB 1-90.   

You Pick/Choose From The Following:  Series 1 (SMLB 1-30), Series 2 (SMLB 31-60) and Series Update (SMLB 61-90)  

Raw Condition for Modern Cards

These are raw fresh pack cards straight from the manufacturers box into a sleeve and mailed to you.  They are NOT GRADED. Unless otherwise noted, the cards are listed in Near Mint-Mint condition or better. A (NM) card appears to be Mint at first glance, but upon closer inspection, may exhibit some of the following: minor print defects (e.g. roller marks, print line, dimple), minor scratches, slight edge wear, and slight corner wear and centering off.  

Ebay Sports Cards Classifications are as follows and can be found using this link:    https://pages.ebay.com/buy/guides/sports-cards-buying-guide/


· Mint (MT): Mint sports cards have perfectly sharp corners, perfect centering, a sharply focused photo, a flawless front and back, and no loss of gloss.  THESE ALWAYS GRADED CARDS IN CASES.

· Near mint to mint (NRMT-MT): Near mint to mint sports cards have at least 60/40 centering, look perfect to the eye, but have slight corner wear, slight color fading, or loss of focus visible under magnification.

· Near mint (NM): Near mint sports cards show no worse than 70/30 centering, slight corner wear, barely visible print spots, some color or focus loss to the naked eye.

· Excellent to mint (EXMT): Excellent to mint sports cards are essentially the same as near mint, but with a bit more wear on at least two corners.

· Excellent (EX): Excellent sports cards show visible wear on all four corners and centering no worse than 80/20. Observable print spots, dull color, or slight focus imperfections.

· Very good (VG): Very good sports cards have at least 80/20 centering. Slight creasing, barely noticeable abrasions, rounded corners.

· Fair to good: Fair to good sports cards may have rounded corners, poor centering, obvious gloss loss, creases, and general wear and tear.

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