For sell is a 1967 Gibson J45 ADJ cherry burst vintage acoustic guitar built at the Kalamazoo plant. Note, Starting in 1970, 'Made in USA' was stamped on the headstock below the serial number. It is not a reissue. This was Gibson’s “Work Horse” and bestselling model. The frets are EVOGold frets and have been leveled. The guitar is very solid and sounds & plays very well with nice action. The body and neck is mahogany with a spruce top. The nut is unbleached bone. There are no cracks in the guitar. The tuners are the original ones and were only used on this model for part of 1967. I have no problems with them at all. The case is original and is not in good shape see pictures. I dug it out from storage under a great pile. There are body imperfections (see pictures). There is some finish crazing, (see pictures of the sides of the guitar). The latter is completely normal for a guitar of this age.The guitar was wiped down with a lint free cloth only. No waxes or polish was used for the pictures. What you see is what you get. There are alot of reflective surface. Please do not confuse the later for imperfections. The fretboad edges have somecircular marks on the side as if someone tried to do a fret job with a Dremel.It doesn't affect the playability in the least for me. No returns are accepted.International buyers are responsible to check which customs and import charges may apply. Questions welcome.