Nanteos Mansion, near Aberystwyth.

Nanteos - Life on a Welsh Country Estate begins with the overview of the history of Nanteos and the estate.

The Nanteos estate was the seat of the Powell Family from 1699 until 1951.

The book contains -

17 chapters within 350 pages and over 150 photographs (many un-published photographs).

Which discusses the surrounding area the mansion, and reaching out towards to the villages and discussing their connections to the Nanteos Estate.

From there we visit the tenant farmers who were the integral part of the estate and demonstrate how they worked the land and conveyed with their landlord. Together with the up and downs of estate life.

Going on towards the War years and how the Nanteos estate changed forever.

The last section of the book shows the end of the Powell line at Nanteos and gives a glimpse of Nanteos after the Powell’s demise.

The large appendices give listings of staff who worked at Nanteos throughout the years, detailing their work, wages, and including many marriages. Also listing tenants and their farms over the centuries.