4-slot Backplane Eurocard and PCB edge card VMEbus (Microbus) PCB 96pin 3U 16HP DIN 41612 FR4

GREEN solder mask

I have originally designed this backplane for few of my projects, but this turn out so well, that I have offered PCB's for minimum price for my fellow enthusiast such as yourself :)

Card is now at it's 3rd version v1.2. Newest version accommodates to be powered directly without hacking the PCB:

-  DC barrel jack connector and/or 5.08pitch screw terminal connector to power VDD and VCC,

- footprint for DPDT switch

- two pilot light 3.00mm LED's (VDD, VCC)

- bigger ground plane

- bigger footprint for bypass caps

You can use this card in industry standard 3U 16HP DIN subrack or Eurorack as free standing or fit on Z rail. Card matches nicely in PCB guide rails with front panel Eurorack if you wish to use one. Size of card is 3U, 4x slots for 4HP cards. I'm using this with standard 160mm cards, but you can use whatever fits in your rack (100,160,220mm).

Card has been designed to be very versatile and you can use it in outside rack configuration.

These are high quality FR4 boards and also most likely cheapest you can buy.

These boards look absolutely gorgeous in standard green solder mask if you going for that standard industrial look.

I can advise you where to buy connectors, however you can use any standard 96/64pin Eurocard connectors or 2x32, 64pin PCB edge connectors. 

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