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This is a realistic style murder case game that provides hours of challenging fun for family and friends. Perhaps you want to solve this murder by yourself. You will be provided realistic documents for a murder case that has gone cold and has never been solved. There will be crime scene photos, suspect photos and real life police documents. Any evidence that is used in a real murder investigation will be included with this murder case.

Can You Find the Clues?

Newspaper Articles
Read through newspaper articles. Are there clues?
Find clues in police interrogations and many other police reports.
How Clever Are You? Anything Here?
How Can This Map Help Solve?
What's in the Box
While we can not disclose everything included, some of the items are: Suspect Photos, Crime Scene Photos, Police Interrogations, Crime Scene Map, Autopsy Report, Subpoena Evidence, Newspaper Articles, Physical Evidence, Online Documents and more...
Immersive Fun For All
Bring the family or friends together.
Play by yourself or with friends
Q: What am I actually purchasing?
A: You are buying a fictional murder case. You will receive all the documents  needed to solve this murder. There wil be paper documents, maps, photos and other actual evidence items.
Q: How long does this take?
A: The time it takes to solve the crime varies depending on your skill level. Some players like to start and finish the game in one sitting while others take a few days to do it just a little at a time.
Q: How soon after I purchase will I receive the case?
A: Your purchase will ship on either the same business day or the next. Shipping times will vary depending on where you live.
Q: What if I get stuck and can not solve the murder?
A: Along the way we offer hint sections for this reason. We suggest to try and not use the hints unless you feel you must to move on. You may also reach out to us by using the contact us form if you need further assisitance.
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