Metric Les Paul solderless wiring harness

Completely wired (not a kit) and ready to drop into your axe! 

Solderless installation
Metric components to fit your import without the need for modifications
Push/pull volumes wired to coil split pickups - pull up to split / down for humbucker
Custom tone capacitors with exceptional metered tolerances
Shielded wiring to protect signal from RF interference
Easiest installation and pickup swap system available
Designed for use with 2 splitable humbucker pickups  (see pickup wiring note at bottom)

This system is designed to make upgrading your electronics with premium components easy, quick and frustration free.
1- Slip your stripped wires into the solderless terminal ports and secure with the included 2mm screwdriver. 
2- mount your new harness in the control cavity
3- plug the solderless terminal into the harness. 
 Plus, no burned fingers!
***Makes future pickup upgrades a snap***

Includes N.O.S.  tone capacitors with Lavasan dielectric.
 Exceptional metered tolerances and highly praised for their excellent sonic characteristics.

  • Complete pre-wired solderless metric wiring harness for Les Paul imports
  • Alpha 500k push/pull coil splitting volume pots 
  • Alpha 500k tone pots 
  • Short shaft, 7.8mm bushing diameter (for mounting) 
  • 6mm split coarse 18 spline shaft (for knobs)
  • Authentic N.O.S. [K73-11].022uF tone capacitors
  • Epiphone 3 way toggle switch with shielded cable (includes tip)
  • Quick connector on switch cable - easier installation on cable feed-through models like Les Paul 
  • Shielded wiring to protect against unwanted interference.
  • Epiphone 1/4" mono output jack
  • Quick connectors - adapt the pc board on the push / pull pots for solderless connection to your pickups and bridge (hardware) ground
  • Premium quality solderless terminals for your wiring connections
  • 2mm screwdriver for terminals
  • Mounting hardware
  • Installation wiring guide 
  • Ships fast with USPS Ground Advantage delivery
Pickup wiring note:
Pickup color codes vary by brand. You will need to know the correct color code for your brand pickups to identify the following wires:
    wire ID      -   (common name)
1- North start -  (hot)
2- North finish - (series link or tap)
3- South finish - (series link or tap)
4- South start  - (ground)
5- Shield       -    (bare wire)  
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