Snoopy table lamp humidifier, indirect lighting, USB-C pin cable, remote control

Flame-like mood lamp humidifier.
Low-noise humidification, mood light, timer settings, diffuser usage, remote control included.

Low-noise humidification: Provides low-noise humidification with a spray rate of 15~25ml per hour.
Mood light: Adjustable in 3 levels.
Timer settings: Options for setting timers at 1 hour, 3 hours, and 6 hours.
Remote control: Comes with a remote control in the shape of a water droplet.
Diffuser usage: Can be used as an aroma therapy diffuser by adding desired aroma oil.

C-type cable charging type.


1. Separate the remote control from the product.
2. Lift the cover upwards to separate the main body and the cover.
3. Add water through the water droplet-shaped water inlet and outlet. (Adding water through other parts might lead to water entering the 4. internal circuit board and the lamp, causing damage.)
5. Fill water slightly below the MAX line. (Filling above the guideline might reduce humidification efficiency or cause water to overflow
6. when closing the lid. We recommend using regular tap water.)
7. Close the cover. (If you want to use the diffuser, add natural aroma oil.)
8. Press the power button to turn on humidification and lighting.

Product Components: Humidifier main unit, USB-C pin cable, user manual
Product Dimensions: 19881125mm
Product Materials: ABS, PP
Product Rated Voltage: 5V
Power Consumption: 10W




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