ALIENWARE 17 R4 i7-7700HQ 64BIT NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti.

See photos and be sure to read this description THOROUGHLY before buying. 

2017 Alienware 17 R4

I waited a long time before considering selling this. It has been wiped clean multiple times.

It will need some exterior love with a keyboard cleaning.

The screen is free of cracks, chips, or stains. 

The touchpad is quick and responsive. 

There is old sticker residue next to the i7 sticker, shown in photos. 

Every key and button works properly and is responsive

Original factory battery is included to charge the laptop.

Additional bag and mouse carrier is included. Bag has some wear and is coming apart in a few places but still does its job. Lots of storage space. Clean.

2 factory discs included 

No water damage or sticky keys, just needs some TLC.

May have some minor scuffs from being moved around and used.


Ethernet cable was lodged into the port and couldn’t be removed delicately. Resulting in port damage and some small damage to the laptop’s exterior near the port. (shown in photos)

Slow, laggy, even after multiple full wipes. Sometimes a typing delay.

No harddrive will be included.

Sound chip or speaker issue ever since I received the laptop from the factory. Issue can be resolved but will return after a clean wipe. Speaker will sometimes chirp or hum and can be distracting without the solution.

For most of its life I had it plugged in like it was a desktop/tower PC. It will hold a charge but ideally it stays plugged in. 

Can be used as a regular laptop or for parts and repair. 

If you have the patience to fix it up I’m sure it still has life left in it.

Shipping won't be as expensive as shown (at least it shouldn't end up being) custom box and measurements, shipped FAST using Priority Mail.