Hello, everybody.

Here is a complete 1982 Topps Baseball set of 792 cards.  Clean. Sharp. Gorgeous. 

The cards in this set in general have high gloss, bright colors, crisp edges, and sharp corners.  All checklists are clean and pristine. None of these cards are graded, but I'd think several could earn high PSA grades.  In general, I think the set would grade NRMT to MT, with variation on grade from card to card - some not as good as NRMT, maybe a few better than MT - but I am not a card grader, so please take that into account. A few are not as centered as you'd like but overall, a gorgeous set. 

The mid-80s sets were during my college years, so the name of the game was acquiring and putting away – no trading, flipping, etc.  Therefore, these cards are pretty near pack-fresh.  Have a look!  The photos tell the story.  I’ve offered lots of photos for you to determine the quality of this set.  Further, I will happily photograph up to two cards (front and back) not in the listing photos description for you if you need to see certain specimens. 

If this set meets or exceeds your expectations, please offer positive feedback on your experience.  I have a few other sets up for auction (as of the listing of this auction) and some lots that will be put up for auction over the fall, so you will be helping your fellow collectors.

Now, the disclaimers – I am not accepting refunds or returns on this set. I’ve checked to ensure all cards are here, but if it turns out something is missing let’s talk and see what may have happened. I don’t think you will be disappointed with this set.

I am posting other auctions – some current, some in the future.  If you win more than one, let’s work out the combined shipping costs before you pay (just let me know by message you are bidding on something else.  The cards will be shipped UPS and insured for the amount of the winning bid.

Thanks for reading.  Bid confidently and victoriously.