1699 William III , Rare-Date in Legend Copper Farthing, early Colonial USA Coin

Great Britain coin, bust of William III

This represents a part of Colonial Coinage used here in America, due to the shortage of copper and but also because this was a fundamental building block of America. Like William and Mary College here in Virginia, and many other States (Like Georgia, Charlestown W.Va, Charlotte, N.C. etc. etc.) and cities, towns and counties across the United States of America we owe much of these early days to the Monarchy and the leaders of Great Britain that they were names for and their history as we share much of it in our roots and are reminded daily of this connection.

Scarcity of early coinage in America where denominations were used primarily from Great Britain but other colonizing nations as well, the value was in the material either copper or silver, so almost any country's currency would pass hands.

Kings and Queens of Great Britain:

"Bloody" Mary         1553-1558

Elizabeth I                1558-1603

James I                     1603-1625

Charles I                   1625-1649

The Commonwealth 1649-1659

Charles II                  1660-1685

James II                    1685-1688 (Abdicated to William of Orange)

William and Mary    1689-1702 (William alone 1695-1702)

Anne                         1702-1714

George I                   1714-1727

George II                  1727-1760

George III                 1760-1820

Historically significant dates during the colonization of America and our history and the cities and towns we live in today named for these people of history.

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