Not only is this a very rare 1967 Guyatone 350 T, it’s actually the much more sought after and collectable ‘SHARP 5’ version named after the popular surf band of the time.

The quality of the build is fantastic. You have a roller saddle bridge, metal nut, amazing sounding pickups which are very similar sounding to a vintage Fender Jaguar (I’ve compared them side by side). A really nice usable vibrato and the most gorgeous dark rosewood fretboard. The guitar has no issues, everything works as it should. The paint has plenty of checking and mojo that you would expect from its age. As you can see the frets are in fantastic condition I’ve no idea if they are stainless steel or not but they are original and clearly very high quality.

These normally go for between 1-1500 worldwide. Even the later re-issue model fetches similar money but this one is the real deal.

I’ve priced this one for a quick sale to raise some cash, so be quick!

Any trial welcome.