For sale here is my mk4 golf gt tdi pd150 exclusive. 
It’s time to have a bit of a clear out ready for spring…..(see my other listings too!)
I purchased it in 2016 and it was my favourite, most trusted and reliable car right up until October 2022. 
It never missed a beat and to be honest although its a 21 year old car still compares well to much newer cars i have owned and driven. 
Fuel economy is second to none as I’m sure anyone looking at this will be aware already. 
During my ownership i have done all the necessary servicing and wear n tear items as and when needed- shockers, springs, top mounts, discs, pads, oil changes and most recently a set of toyo proxes t1s tyres (£300) not long before i stopped using it. 
I have done 35k miles in it in 8 years. 
I took it off the road as it developed an intermittent fault where it would cut out for a split second or cut out completely and not restart for a few minutes. 
On the scanner it came up camshaft position sensor which i changed to no improvement. 
My vw guy said at the time that a cambelt change and a genuine camshaft sensor was the likely fix. 
I still needed to get about so i bought another car as a stop gap with the intention of getting the golf sorted but this car proved great in itself and that was nearly 18 months ago. (Toyota auris tr in silver which im now also selling, see my other listings)
The golf hasn’t turned a wheel since and although I love it I have neither the time nor the inclination to work on it now. 
Interestingly (and annoyingly) every single time i have had it running since then it has never demonstrated the fault i took it off the road for. It starts first click and runs fine. 
Go figure!
I really didn’t want to sell it but its been sat for a while now. ideally i want to see it go to an enthusiast as a fixer upper rather than a someone wishing to split it for parts. 
She is far too good to break in my opinion and with a little time investment would still be a great car. 
The photos tell the story of its condition which is not bad for its age- please feel free to zoom in and inspect, any questions please ask. Theres nothing to hide here- expect a 21 year old golf. 
Currently SORN’d and unfortunately taking up a car space that i could put to better use. 
Although it does run fine i would in no way guarantee that it will be instantly drivable without attending to the fault mentioned above. 
Thanks for reading and happy bidding.