Vintage 1989 Lego Pirates I: Imperial Soldiers #6274-1 Caribbean Clipper Set. This set is 100% complete and comes with the original instructions and all original pieces including the matching sails. The set has 386 pieces including 4 minifigures (Governor Broadside, 3 Imperial Soldiers/Sailors). The sail and flag colors are still vibrant, and both flags have all their clips.

The Caribbean Clipper (aka Sea Hawk) is the two-mast Imperial Soldier flagship. The front mainmast, has two large sails on turntable spars. The rigging string goes from the end of the bowsprit to the back of the quarterdeck. At the top of both masts are flags - one small and one large. At the front of the ship is a yellow parrot figurehead. Above the parrot is the bowsprit with a third sail (jib sail) strung to it. At the front fight is a retractable anchor.

The ship has four gunports–two on each side. The gunports have bottom hinging flaps/covers. At the back of the ship there is an mostly enclosed captain's cabin with a rear set of windows. The quarterdeck has yellow railing on three sides, and a back mast attached to the steering wheel box.

The overall set is in great condition. Some pieces may show play wear or minor color variation. The instructions are in very good condition with some folds/creases and minor edge wear. Please see pictures.

The set will come disassembled. Let me know if you have any questions.