Silver Coin Testing Kit | Not The Fisch
Are Your Silver Coins Genuine?
Test Them With This Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet
Plus the following extras....

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Rare earth magnets are one of the quickest and easiest ways of initially testing for fake silver coins in a world where there are so many fake coins now being exported from China.

You do not want to be caught out buying worthless, counterfeit coins, and even more important - you do not want to be caught fraudulently selling them on, risking a heavy fine or even worse!

This is the same small (1mm x 10mm) magnet that we supply to coin collectors worldwide, to allow them check if their silver coins are the real thing or if they are fake - so our magnets have to be fit for purpose.

Easily identify silver plated coins or coins made from base metal that don't contain any gold or silver at all.

Our brand new powerful rare earth magnet (a normal magnet will not do) is 10mm in diameter and 1mm in depth - it has to be this small in order to have an effect on the silver coin, whilst at the same time being small enough to slide down the face of the coin so that the speed at which it does so can be observed during the test.

The magnet comes carded and with written and online instructions on how to use it.

As used universally by coin dealers, metal detector users, pawn shop proprietors, metal recyclers, jewellers, antique dealers, etc.

Plus... A Silver Polishing Cloth

Plus... A Credit Card Size Magnifier

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