17 DVDs of classic doctor who from 1963 to 1989.
episode list:
the Dalek invasion of earth - William Hartnell era
the time medder - William Hartnell era
the war meachines - William Hartnell era
the mind robber - Patrick Troughton era
Inferno - Jon Pertwee era
frontier in space - Jon Pertwee era
planet of the Dalek - Jon Pertwee era
the keeper of traken - Tom Baker era 
logopolis - Tom Baker era
destiny of the Dalek - Tom Baker era
the invisible enemy - Tom Baker era
castrovalva - Peter Davison era
the five doctor (25th anniversary edition) - Peter Davison era
the king's demons - Peter Davison era
planet of fire - Peter Davison era
timelash - Colin Baker era 
the curse of fenric - Sylvester McCoy era