Fiat Coupe 20V Turbo NOVITECNOVITEC2 

Features NOVITEC:

  • Raises sustained boost from 1.1 bar to 1.3 bar
  • Removes boost limiter in 1st & 2nd gear
  • Finely tuned fueling & timing maps
  • Improved overboost maps
  • Instantly achieves 35-40 bhp extra power
  • Tried & tested ECU upgrade - Simple Plug 'N' Play!
  • ECU number: Magneti Marelli IAW 4WF
  • Engine: 175A

Simply remove your standard factory-fitted chip and replace with your brand new upgrade chip 

when you buy please choose with chip you want NOVITEC or NOVITEC2

NOVITEC2 has much more aggressive ignition advance for even more power and requires an upgraded intercooler or chargecooler and uprated exhaust is recommended. It must also be run with Super/V-Max 97+ RON type fuel rather than standard unleaded. Raised rev limiter version available if you have fully balanced engine internals.

MORE THEN 270CV with this chip.