Very strong antenna  omni directional home brew,rugged construction ,mounting secured by
nice alumunium holder with M5 bolt.
Pole diameter up to 45mm.

Can be used for receiving aircraft transponder on 1090mhz ADS-b signal
for flight box ,flightradar 24 etc.

This antenna is usin a low loss connector F satellite type.
Antenna is 75Ohm type allowing to use a low cost sattelite cable.

This antenna is 5/8 type,is the best antenna of ground planes ensuring very good coverage,is better than j-pole or 1/2
and increase coverage significantly.

Antenna is completely enclosed in watertight radome tube.Tube connections are glued together .
Radials are secured in body of antenna.Each radial have bolt treading on end.On end of radials are rubber protective caps ensuring no entry of water or bugs,etc.Connector is nicely embedded in body of antenna
so no moisture can penetrate inside antenna and ruin it.
Stainless screws,M5 bolt is zinked for weather protection.
Assembly needed upon arrive,3 radials need to be screwed inside body of antenna.To gain access to connector antenna need to be dismantled by putting out one stainless screw out,antenna will come apart
connect connector and reasemble.

Height 30cm
Weight 0,2kg
Connector F

Gain 3 Dbd.Great coverage when placed high.

Will send as it is,no assembling required.Pretuned,no need to worry about anything,just hook up and receive.

F female connector.

With this antenna we can supply variety of cables and connectors all custom made for your needs for reasonable prices.If you need sma,mcx,or other all can be made,just ask.

Feel free to ask a question.Thanks for looking