**  100% POSITIVE RATED  **
                    Fits New Holland, Allis Chalmers, Ford, Ferguson

                5 piece tool set for Spindles and King Pin (Axle pivot)
                           Removes Old and Installs New bushings
                            This set is Easy to Use and a perfect fit.

Fits 3 sizes:

Fits spindle bushings 1.250" ID upper and/or lower
Fits spindle bushings 1.352" ID lower
Fits king pin (axle pivot)  bushing  1.778" ID

This set designed for spindles and kingpin on Ford 2000 (4-cylinder, 1962-1964), 2110, 2120, 2150, 2300, 230A, 231, 2310, 233, 234, 2600, 2600V, 2610, 2810, 2910, 3000, 3055, 3110, 3120, 3150, 3300, 3310, 333, 3330, 334, 335, 3600, 3600V, 3610, 3900, 3910, 4000 (4-cylinder, 1962-1964), 4110, 4120, 4140, 4600SU, 530A, 531, 541, 600, 601 Series, 800, 801 Series, Dexta, Super Dexta.  

Fits 2n, 8n, 9n, Ferguson and a partial fit for Allis Chalmers and New Holland. 

                     Made in the USA from imported materials
  Condition is New.  Shipped via USPS from Washington State

Features include:
  • Large guide sections for reliable alignment during use.  
  • Provides quick and painless bushing removal and installation.
  • Can grip problem bushings that cannot be gripped in the usual way.
  • Fits exactly right, made specially for this job.
  • Eliminates frustration caused by improvised and/or misfit tools.
  • Saves your hands from the abuses of slipping improvised tools.
  • Adjusts to fit to various amounts of wear of old/worn bushings.

The larger one piece tool quickly and easily removes and installs front axle king pin (pivot) bushings.

The smaller 2 part tools are for spindle bushings.  The 2 pieces fit one at a time through the existing bushing into the elbow casting interior for assembly there in order to push out old spent bushings from inside. 

The 2 piece tools have a special feature that allows the tool to firmly grip paper thin worn out bushings that have no edge left to grip.  Shown in the photos is a paper thin worn out bushing that was removed successfully with our tool after having been damaged by attempts to knock it loose with other improvised tools.  You can see the ring mark inside the bushing where our tool bit in and gripped the inside of the bushing. Immediately after removal of this troublesome bushing the same exact tool installed the new bushing effortlessly in it's place.

NOT INCLUDED are bushings or black steel pipe.

INCLUDED are five new special custom machined steel tool parts, five pages of instructions, 2 pages of photos showing how to assemble/use the tools and a new cardboard box. 

From local supplies you will need a 3/4" black steel pipe about a foot long, threaded on one or both ends.  It's less expensive for you to get it locally than for me to ship it to you.  

I just found out ebay has a couple of pages of reviews of this tool kit, please look for those.

In addition I have received some direct comments shown here:

Greg W had bushings with edges looking like worn thin, but they weren't:

From Greg W, 9/2/20:



Thanks for the bushing remover, it worked awesome. Took about 3 hours to disassemble, replace bushing and reassembly.

The bushing that I thought had no edge really did have. The inside housing had hardened grease and dirt that was polished smooth. Once I removed the lower bushing I was able to scrap it out leaving me with an edge For the tool.

Again thanks for the tool, it was perfect and such a deal. The 8n front end is now solid again.

David F had bushings worn paper thin with no edges left to grip so he used the tool's feature that will grip a paper thin (edgeless) bushing:

From David F, 11/8/20: 

"I had great success using your spindle bushing removal tool. The upper bushing in my Ford powermaster 871, was worn paper thin and the spindle worn badly as well. I followed your instructions and I was successful in removing it.  Please see attached photos.  Thanks for helping out the tractor community! I wouldn't have gotten it out otherwise!"

For Robert shipping took just too darn long,  Washington to Florida.. but within hours of delivery I got this:

From Robert 12/19/20:

Did receive it worked great, have all 4 bushings out.  You did a great job with the design,

From John B., Topeka KS.  1/9/2021:


From Mike F., Michigan   12/2021

"Tool worked great!"

From Alan, 5/8/2022

"Anyway, the tool worked perfectly for removing the spindle bushings on my 1950 8N. Really nice. It's one of those tools that makes you go, "Why didn't I think about that?!"

Thanks again!


From Joseph in Michigan 3/2023

"I would like to say "Thank You" for your set of bushing tools which made a really tough job so easy! "

                                              ** shipping update ** 
If you need this by fast freight, contact me before ordering for arrangements                                  otherwise the slowest cheapest shipment is used.
                                    About 7 to 10 days to east coast USA,
                                   Ships from 20 miles west of Seattle WA.

Shipping rates are rising!... Ha!  this from 2019 when inflation was not yet "a thing".. Wow, holy kadiddlehoppers! Did inflation take the heck off for the stars, or what?  "Transitory"?  What?  omg.  . 


I make these myself in my hobby machine shop to help out other tractor hobbyists.  I developed these tools for my own 1943 2n when I could not find tools for this job for sale.  Over the last few years I have made and shipped many of these.  These tools work great, as is evident from the 100% positive ratings.  

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