Get your John Lennon going with this lovely 1967 Gibson J-160E. The model is obviously famous for its use by the Beatles. John used his on famous hits like “I feel fine.” That opening riff is played on his J160 E plugged into his Vox. you also hear it on Classics like “A Day in the Life” where he plays it unplugged to start the song and throughout.

The model has a slightly thicker top due to the mounted pick up and electronics. That is part of what gives it its distinctive “unplugged“ sound.

In my opinion, this guitar really is at its best plugged in. It has a Gibson P90 mounted right beneath the top of the sound hole.

The bridge was lifting a tad, so I just had it reglued. It’s pictured with its stock wooden adjustable saddle. I am going to install a drop in bone replacement saddle, but the original will be included. If you’d rather just have that, I will reinstall it prior to shipment.

Ships in an older black chipboard case. Nothing special, but I will add extra padding to keep it safe in shipment.